10 Games For Beach Party


1.Beach Bingo

Write 35-40 words related to beach for eg. sand, sandcastle, shells, fish, starfish, crab, bucket, sail, sailboar, lighthouse, ship, shark etc. Give one blank ticket just like tambola i.e. 3 rows and 9 coloumns. Every players has to write any 15 names of his choice. Caller will start calling the names one by one. Players can claim prizes for early, five, corners, lines and full houses.

2.Beach Relay Race

A group beach relay race where the group has to complete a designated task.  Check more about Beach Relay Race

3.Sand Treasure Hunt

Take a bucket and fill it with sand. Put some shells, marbles,  different types  of stones found near a beach, small rocks etc. Blindfold the player and tell him to find the treasure  from the sand.  Time limit is one minute. Allot nos. to each treasure for eg. 20 for shells, 15 for marbles, 10 for small stones etc.  The player with maximum nos. wins.

4.Hot Beach Ball

All the players will stand in a circle. Give one inflated beach ball to any one of the player.  As the music start, the players will start tossing the ball to each other. As the music stops, the player who is holding the ball is Out.  Keep playing till one or two players are left.

5.Sandcastle Contest

Divide all the players into teams of four.  Also make a team of judges.   Every team has to build sandcastle in the given stipulated time. Give each team things which they can use for making the sandcastle for eg. bucket, molds, shovels etc.  After the time is over, judges can choose a winning team based on the creativity and teamwork.

6.Beach Treasure  Hunt

Divide the guests into groups of 5-6 players.  Mark an area of beach to each group where they have to hunt the treasure ie. shells, crabs, small rocks etc.  Give one bucket to each group.   Time limit is one minute.  The team with maximum things wins.

7.Pond in the sand

This is also a team game.  Divide the players into teams.  They have to make a pond of sand and fill it with water.  The team who is able to make it in minimum time wins.

8.Musical Towels

This game is just like musical chair.  Keep the beach towels on the sand in a big circle one less than the no. of players.  As the music starts, players have to walk around the beach towels until the music stops. As the music stops, players have to sit on the beach towel.  The player left without a towel is Out.  The player who is able to play till the last wins.

9.Beach Frisbee

Set up a target say 10 feet apart by putting a beach umbrella turned upside down or by keeping a beach towel.  Each player has to throw their Frisbee or flying disc to the target. The player who is able to throw closest to the target wins.

10.Water Balloon Games

Water balloon games  can be of great fun, Check more about this games Pass The Leaking Balloon, Catch And Pass The Balloon

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