10 Games For Color Based Theme Party


Kitty party with a good theme will take your party from a boring gathering to the party full of enthusiasm and excitement. It creates fun, enjoyment and interaction among your guests. We should keep in mind the decoration, dress code, color code, games, return gifts, food etc. while organizing a theme party.  We are sharing below some games for  Yellow Color based theme party. You can keep these games for any other color also

1.Crazy Musical Color Race

Scatter different colored pieces of construction paper along with theme color (yellow) papers  on the floor. Play some music and tell everyone to dance. As the music stops, everyone has to step on the theme color paper.  Players who are not able to step on the theme color paper, are out of the game. Theme color papers should less than the players. Play the next round till only two players are left i.e. the winners.

2.Balloon Race

Mark a starting and finishing point in the party hall.  Blow some theme color balloons and keep near the starting point. The game is to carry as many balloons as you can in your hands from starting point to finishing point. The one who reaches the finishing point with maximum balloons and minimum time wins.

3.Color And Dice

Take a big chart paper and draw squares of 2×2 inch and color them with different colors. The game is each player has to roll the dice 6 times. Count the no. of times the dice lands on the theme color i.e. on yellow. The one with maximum points wins.

4.Sorting Buttons

In a bowl filled with rice mix 6-7 designs of yellow buttons i.e. 10 buttons of each design.  The player has to choose one design. The player has to find that particular design buttons  from the bowl in one minute.  The player who completes the task or  has found the maximum buttons wins.

5.Bangles and dice

Keep some theme color bangles i.e. yellow in a basket.  Player will start rolling the dice. If the dice shows 6 player will wear six bangles for any other no. the player has to remove one bangle.  Time limit one minute or no. of times dice to be rolled can be kept. The player with maximum bangles wins.

6.Color and stones

Mix the yellow color in the water and put some yellow color flower petals and different colored stones.  The player will be given 3 chances to put their hand in the water and take out yellow stones as many as possible.

7.Name Yellow Things

Give paper and pen to all the players.  They have to write the names of yellow things for eg. banana, sun, butter, chick, corn, sunflower etc. in one minute.

8.Lemon & Spoon Race

Couple party game to finish race with lemons and spoon where wife and husband has to help each other. Check more about Lemon & Spoon Race

9.Rubber Bands On Lemon

A one minute party game in which players have to tie maximum rubber bands on lemon.Check more about Rubber Bands On Lemon

10.Floating Lemons

A fun one minute party game in which players will have to pick the lemons using their mouth.  Floating Lemons


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