10 Games for Mother Day Party

1.Mother Daughter Jodi in Bolloywood

Write as many as names of mother daughter jodi’s in Bollywood for eg. Tanuja-Kajol, Moon Moon Sen-Ria Sen, Hema Malini-Esha Deol, Sarika-Shruti Hassan, Babita-Kareena Kapoor etc. Time limit is one minute.

2.Titles For Mothers

Write some 10-12 titles  for eg. Best Personality, Best Dressed, Best Hairstyle, Most talkative, Most Decent, Most Stylist, Best Jewellery, Best Smile, Most Aggressive, Most Delicate, Most Intelligent etc. on a sheet.  Give one sheet and pen to all the ladies.  The game is that they have to write the names of their friends present there against each title which they think suits their personally. Time limit is one minute.  Total the score against each title of each player.  Player with highest score wins that particular title.

3.Mother Crossword

Create a crossword with words hidden related to mothers for eg. caring, devoted, sacrifice, loving, adorable, pamper selfless, perfumes,cosmetics, jewellery, handbag,saree, dress, photo etc.

4.Currency Note

Ask all the ladies to take out any denomination of currency note from their purse or handbag.  The game is that they have to total the 6 digit no. written on the note.  The lady with the hightest and lowest no. are the winners.

5.Bangle color Funda

Put different color bangles in a pouch. The player has to take out the bangle one by one and tell us the color of the bangle.  The twist of the game is that the player has to say the color once in english and next color in hindi for ex. if the color of the bangle is blue she has to say Blue i.e. in english and next time if the color of the bangle is green she has to say hara in hindi and so on. Time limit is one minute.The player with maximum correct answers wins.

6.Coin & Dice

Give 10 coins to each player. The player will throw the dice, as per the number that comes on the dice, the player will give same  no. of coins to the player sitting on her left. Whosoever finishes their coins will be the winner.

7.Matching Matching

While sending the invite for the party, tell everyone that they should  wear matching things like purse,earrings, sandals etc. Count the no. of matching things.  The one who is wearing maximum matching things wins.

8.Mother Daughter Compatibility

Give paper and pen to each mother and daughter. Write 10-12 questions related to their personal choice for eg. what is their favorite color, movie, hero, flavor of ice cream, restaurant, dress, holiday destination, sports, hobby etc.  Time limit is two minutes.  Compare the answers and total the correct answers on both sheets.  The mother daughter team with maximum correct answers wins.

9.Fun With Shapes

Take different color papers and cut them in 12  different shape like circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon etc. and paste them on a chart paper.  Make 12 slips and write the names of the shapes on them and put it in a bowl. The game is that all the ladies have to keep any of their belongings for eg. ring, bangle etc. on any of the shape.  The host will take out a slip and announce the name of shape.  The player  or players  who have kept their belonging on that particular shape shall be considered out.  Continue the game till you get one or two winners.

10. Bolloywood Songs

Make small chits with 15-20 words like bindi, kajal, pyar, saiya, jumka, dil etc. and put them in a bowl.  Every one will pick up one chit and sing as many songs as she can with that word in two minutes.  The lady who sang maximum songs wins.

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