10 Games For Summer Theme Party

summer1.Toss The Ice Cubes

A couple party game in which one player will toss the ice cube which other player has to catch. Toss The Ice Cubes

2.Feeding The Ice Cream

One minute party game where the player has to feed ice cream to  the other player blindfolded. Feeding The Ice Cream

 3.Ice Cream Tambola Game

An innovative tambola game based on icecreams. Ice Cream Tambola Game

4.Task Relay Game

A group party game in which players are divided in groups and they have to finish set of 5 tasks as soon as possible. Task Relay Game

5.Pick The Ice

One minute party game in which players have to pick maximum ice cubes using knitting needles.Pick The Ice

6.Sip The Lemon

A one minute party game  in which they have to sip maximum cups of lemon juice in one minute. Sip The Lemon 

7.Paper Boats With Paper Napkins

One minute fun party game to make paper boats.  Paper Boats With Paper Napkins

8.Thanda Thanda Cool Cool

One minute party game to pick out 5 similar things from chilled colored water in minimum time.  Thanda Thanda Cool Cool

9.Pick The Stones

One minute party game in which players have to pick maximum stones from water filled tub in one minute. Pick The Stones 

10.Floating Lemons

A fun one minute party game in which players will have to pick the lemons using their mouth.  Floating Lemons


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