11 Tips To Be A Perfect Party Host

11_tips_to_be_a_perfect_party_hostWe all love to party.  With a festival almost every month there is always an occasion to party along with the personal occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and not to forget the monthly ladies kitty party 🙂

While we all aim to give the best party we share with you some tips to be that perfect party host!

1. Clean Home/Venue, Clean You

If you are arranging a party at home the first prerequisite is that your home should be in order. No dirty sofa/dining table covers. No dirty washroom. No littered toys, newspapers and magazines.

If it’s at a venue ensure it’s clean with neat washrooms (an often ignored area in most of our Indian gatherings).

Along with the home/venue pay special attention that you – the host is also well groomed for the party. Take a shower, feel fresh. Tidy your hair nails etc.

After all who does not like to dine in in a neat clean environment by an equally neat host?

2. Pay attention to party time

Once you give a time for the party ensures that you as a host is home or at the venue well in time before the guests arrive. Ensure all the cooking and mundane tasks like taking out crockery is done well before the guests arrive. A pair of friends would not mind if you start searching for that perfect bowl to serve once they arrive but it saves the party time if it’s handy. It will also save the guests complaining “oh you are in kitchen all the time”

3. Do not beat yourself down in kitchen

While hosting a party at home pay equal attention that you also enjoy and do not end up breaking your back in kitchen to impress the guests with your culinary skills. Keep a mix of homemade /frozen delicacies. You can also order a few dishes from a restaurant nearby.

4. Keep the guests engaged

It is very important to keep the guests engaged; in eating or playing games or in some conversation. Hold a party of guests who know each other or are like minded or have common interests to keep the conversation going and keep the party interesting.

5. Be energetic and enthusiastic

Host of the party often leads the group of guests. So feel interested in the party. Participate in the games that you have arranged. Be a conversation starter. Be positive and enthusiastic and don’t take the party as a burden or be occupied with after party clean up/bills thoughts J

6. Pay attention to party menu

Design your party menu as per general liking of your guests. If you see that the group is calorie conscious do not fill their plates with deep fried pakoras. If some guests prefer non-veg ensure there are a few non-veg dishes too (unless you have an objection). If there are kids ensure to keep snacks which kids like (some French fries, cupcakes, noodles or may be rajma-chawal :))

7. Stick to party end time

While it’s important to start a party on time it’s equally important to end it well as well. Some guests may be having some other engagements or small kids who get cranky after a while.

So ensure that all events – snacks, games/ceremonies, lunch/dinner is wrapped up well in time.

8. Go easy on messy floor/stained furnishing

Once you party at home be easy on certain things. Spilled ketchup on sofa, food crumbs on your new carpet, a broken plate or cup from your new set- take it all as part of the party. These things happen. Do not spoil your mood and the party worrying too much. Be prepared for such accident especially when you have kids around/ a couple of tipsy guests.

If you want to avoid this go for disposable plates / avoid putting up the carpet (it’s easier to mop the floor than get stains off your carpet) Cover your sofa with sofa covers (easy to wash later!)

 9. Be flexible

A flexible host is everybody’s favorite. Do not stick to the clock too much to serve lunch/dinner. If all the guests are willing to delay, go with the flow. If you have certain guests in hurry may be arrange lunch/dinner for them and let others enjoy (in case you do not have any pressing need to wrap up the party) OR politely convey all guests that it would be better to wrap up the party.

Do not insist too much that the guests play a certain game just because you have arranged it if you feel they do not seem interested. Do not insist to try the new dish you just learn if they are reluctant!

10. Introduce the guests

It makes sense to introduce people around in case they are meeting for the first time. It will help to introduce as “this is my friend x she stays at location y and is a travel consultant”. This will help the guests find some common link to start the conversation. Something as “oh so in which block at location y you are putting up?” or “travel consultants – wow I am a travel enthusiast. Can you suggest some locations?”

Do not leave your guests puzzled as to who is that in green dress?

11. Pay equal attention to all guests

Do not be biased to pay more attention to your best friend from school and not so close friend from office. Once you have invited certain people, all should be equally important for you.

Ensure you welcome all with same enthusiasm. Ensure nobody feels ignored while you are busy with your special friends/relatives.

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