12 Games For Janamasthmi Celebrations


Lord Krishna or Ladoo Gopal is described as naughty and playful but very sweet and loving for his activities like stealing butter, running after gopis, for his melodious flute, fighting for justice etc.  We celebrate the birth of Lodoo Gopal on Janam asthami.  All the temples are decorated and many cultural programmes are organized to depict the life of Lord Krishna.  We can also celebrate this festival by playing below fun games on Janmashtmi.

1. Krishna’s Crown Making Competition

Give golden paper, glitter, scissor, peacock feather, stapler, glue, some beads etc. to the players. Whoever makes most beautiful and attractive crown for Krishna will win the game.

2. Flute & Jhula Decoration Competition

It is a custom to position little Kanha on a swing with a new dress and flute.  Keep a competition to decorate  the Swing/Jhula with marigold and rose flowers and Kahna’s flute with golden sheets with hanging pearls etc. Whoever decorates both the things in the best way will be the winner. You can keep separate gifts for flute and jhula decoration as well.

3. Butter  Pot Decoration Competition

Give bright colors velvet papers and some shining decorative item, glue,scissor etc. to the  players to decorate dahi handi pot. Whoever decorates the most attractive handi will win the prize

4. Chocolate Handi Competition

A fun competition in which blindfolded players will have to break the handi with a stick. Click here to read more about chocolate handi…

5. Maakhan Chor  Competition

Hide cups filled with butter in the playing area and ask the children to find them and eat the butter  with their hand as Krishna used to eat. Whoever finishes the butter first is the winner.

6. Maa Yashoda Tying Rope Competition

When Maa Yashoda used to tie kanha with rope for his mischievous activities, the rope used to become short every time so she attached another piece of rope but all in vain until kanha allows himself to be tied up.  In the same manner, give 4-5 pieces of rope to the mothers to tie their kanha by joining all the pieces of rope. Whosoever finishes first is the winner.

7. Flute Tambola

A different & innovative tambola where tambola ticket has 3 flutes with 15 numbers. Click here to read more about flute tambola…

8. Nat-khat Kanha Contest

In this contest children have to act, dance and dress up as Kanha. Prizes can be give to the most naughtiest and active child as Nat-khat Kanha and also keep prizes for best dressed, best dance, best traditional jewellery, best flute, best mukut etc.

9. Know Your Lord Krishna

An interesting quiz about lord krishna that can be played on Janmashtmi. Click here to read more about lord krishna…

10. Drawing Competition

Keep a drawing competition where the children have to draw “jhankis” depicting events from Krishna’s life like Krishna village scene, Maakhanchor Krishna. Govardhan pooja, Raslila  etc.

11. Laddo Gopal Tambola

A fun tambola for kids specially designed for Janmashtmi. Click here to read more about laddo gopal tambola…

12. Story Telling Session

Kids love listening stories about Lord Krishna as his childhood was full of enthralling incidents like how Lord Krishna was born on a stormy rainy night, how he fought with demons,  why he was called makhanchor, what made him lift Govardhan mountain on his single finger etc. Ask kids to prepare their stories and give prize to best story teller.

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