12 Games For Winter Theme Party


1.Drop The Snow

Divide the players into groups. Keep one bucket with cotton balls as snow at the starting line and empty bucket at the finishing line. The group will stand in a queue and as the time starts one player will scoop up the cotton balls with a large spoon and carry them across the area to the other bucket and drop off the snow in the empty bucket.  He will come back and hand over  the spoon to the next player.  The group who is able to drop the maximum snow in the bucket wins.  If the cotton balls drops while carrying to the empty bucket will not be counted.

2.Mitten & Gloves Hunt

Take several pairs of mittens and gloves at least one pair per player or per couple.  Before the guests arrive, separate the pairs and hide them in the party area.  Keep one mitten or gloves from each pair in the basket.  Everyone has to take one from the basket and find the matching pair.  The first player who brings the first pair of gloves or mittens wins.

3.Sip The Tea & Share The Experience

Give one cup of tea or coffee to each player. The game is that player has to share any experience or fact of his life in one sentence for ex. I have been to London three times, I fractured my leg when I was 3 years old, I started working when I was in college, I got married when I was just 23, I am working with my present employer for the last 8 years etc.  and take one sip of tea. All the players have to listen and only the player who have also experienced the same thing in their life  will also take one sip of tea and others will not.  The player who is able to finish the tea at the earliest wins the game.

4.Make a ball from Knitting Yarn

Give loose knitting yarn to all the players.  They have to  roll it with their hands and make a ball within one  minute. The player who make the largest ball wins the game.

5.Winter Sports Crossword

Create a crossword with words hidden related to winter sports for eg. ice hockey, skiing, skating, luge, snowboarding,curling etc.

6.Shell The Maximum Peanuts

Give one bowl of moongfali to each player.  They have to peel them and eat the peanuts in one minute.  The twist of the game is the player who has shelled the maximum no. of peanuts wins and not the player who has eaten the maximum peanuts.

7.Snowball Toss 

Take a large poster of any winter creature such as snowman, polar bear, penguin.  Cut a hole in the animal’s belly or mouth.  The game is that everyone has to toss the snowballs made of paper through the hole.

8.Winter Memory Game

Prepare a tray with items which are used only in winters for ex. lip balm, cold cream, muffler, cap, gloves, mittons etc. alongwith some other items and keep them covered.  Give pen and paper to all the players.  All the players will sit around the table and keep the tray uncovered for 30 seconds so that all the players can see the items and then cover it back.  The players have to write the names of items which are used only in wintersin one mintue.  The one who writes the maximum wins.

9.Dare To Cross Your Legs

A fun party game that will keep your guests engaged throughout the party. You can dare your guests to cross their legs. It would be fun to see how many actually dare to do so. Check out more about  Dare To Cross Your Legs

10.Indoor Bowling

A fun party game with bowling pins and ball. Check more about Indoor Bowling

11.A-Z Of Winters

A fun party game in which players have to write a to z of winters in 2 minutes. Check out more about  A-Z Of Winters

12.Don’t Say It

A fun party game where the guests don’t have to say one particular banned word. Check more about Don’t Say It

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