15 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

baby_shower_gift_ideasBaby shower is a custom followed in almost all geographies. It’s usually done somewhere between 6-8 month of pregnancy to shower the expecting lady and the soon to be coming baby with blessings and gifts. It is also a platform for women to share child rearing lessons with the mom to be.

Here are some suggestions for Baby shower gift ideas:

1. Baby Clothes

The new guest will need those in plenty. Choose loose comfortable clothes as per weather.

2. Nursery Kit

This is one utility item for soon to be parents. It has a thermometer, nose bulb, nail clippers etc.

3. Bottle Sterilizer

These come in various sizes from 2 bottles to 6 and will come handy for soon to be parents

4. Baby Gym

This will be of use once the baby turns 3 months, but the new parents will thank you for this one as it will keep the infant busy and not fuss around while lying on bed at least for half an hour :).

5. Baby Blankets

Choose real cozy ones for the new guest. Even if you gift these in summers the new parents would love to have a piece around when weather changes suddenly. They will not need to rush to buy one if its gifted on time :).

6. Mittens & Booties

This one gift has a big “cute” quotient and these tiny clothing is sure to bring a smile on the face of parents to be.

7. Rattles

New born infants get attracted to all kind of sounds. A few rattles will be fun and help grab infant attention.

8. Massage Mat

The little ones are limp and tender. Specialized baby massage mats are great for infant massage as they have some grip and make baby massage more comfortable for the new inexperienced mom!

9. Quick Dry Sheets/Wraps

These will be needed in plenty what with endless potty/urination sessions.

10. Designer Bed Sheets

There are many options offering designs with cartoon characters like pooh /Dora. These add color and as well as a “new baby” feel to the house.

11. Cradle

It is a very useful gift. Cradles are available in a wide range of colors, shapes & designs. You can choose the one according to your budget & choice.

12. Books For Mom

You can gift some of the bestseller books on pregnancy, child care, feeding tips, what to eat etc. for the mom. It will be really helpful for the mother.

13. Pacifiers

Pacifiers are helpful to make baby sleep. One must have at least three or four varieties for the new born. It will help the mother to make the baby sleep as babies start sleeping while they are busy sucking the pacifiers.

14. Walker

This will be of use when the baby will start walking. These are available in various colors, sizes and shapes.

15. Gold Coins or Gold Jewellery

Gold is traditionally well aprreciated and well accepted gift. Gold anklets, bracelet or a chain for the new born can be a very nice gift. It can be little expensive but a great gift for the baby. Gold coins are also a good option.

These were some gift ideas for the new born baby and the would be mom. We hope that you liked them :).

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