15 Gift Ideas For Retirement

retirement gift ideasMoving out from a fixed routine of work life is a mixed feeling of happiness & sadness. Happiness because one can now spend more time with his/her family & sadness because of leaving the work place & colleagues.

It is quite confusing to choose a gift for retiree – not only that gift must be thoughtful in nature but it should also encourage retiree to enjoy this new phase of life to the fullest. We have compiled a list of gift ideas that will help you while choosing gift for a retired person.

1. Travel Voucher

After so many years of slogging & working hard, a travel voucher is one of the best gift for retirement ceremony. You can gift a travel package of his/her favorite destination. It will give retiree an opportunity to take some time out & some moments for relaxing his/her mind.

2. Book Hamper

If one enjoys reading, you can buys his/her favorite books & wrap them in a nice basket. Books are best friends & specially when they have lot of free time now, they will defintiely enjoy reading . You can also gift books based on ‘how to start business at home’ or ‘how to use your time after retirement’ etc. It might help them to get some ideas about spending their time.

3. A Pair of Jogging Shoes & Tracksuit

Health is wealth…!! A hectic work life often makes it difficult to follow a health regime and stay fit. A pair of jogging shoes and tracksuit can encourage retiree to plan morning walks and take care of his/her health.

4. Gardening Kit

Living close to nature is a very unusual feeling. If the retired person likes gardening then gardening kit is the best gift idea for him/her. It contains gardening tools, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc.

5. Collection of CDs & DVDs

During the busy schedule of job, he/she might never got time to sit & listen their favorite music. But now this gift of yours gives them an opportunity to enjoy music. If he/she is a music lover, you can have a collection of his favorite music CDs & a collection of his favorite movies’ DVDs. It can be best gift for leisure.

6. Membership of Gym or Spa Package

It is a gift which can be given to both male & female. You can gift gym membership which will definitely help them to stay fit & active. Spa package is another good option. Spa package will give them an opportunity to pamper themselves.

7. Token of Appreciation

Small words of appreciation are the best gift for anyone who devoted his/her life in working hard & taking care of family. You can make an album or a file of his/her achievements & gift in a very nice way of appreciation. It is really a very touchy gift for the retiree.

8. A Case of Wine along with a Cigar Case

If the retiree is a wine lover & fond of cigars then you can gift him a case of wine along with a case of cigar. Whenever he takes a puff of cigar or a sip of wine, he will remember you. It is a perfect gift for men.

9. Retirement Poem Engraved on Wooden Plaque

You can have a beautiful retirement poem for the retiree & engraved it on a wooden plaque. It is a very unique & memorable gift & it is full of emotions. You can gift it to either male or female retiree.

10. T-Shirts with Slogans

It is a very interesting gift for the retiree. Slogan can be funny but make sure that it should not be indecent. There are lots of varieties available in the stores, you can get t-shrit with slogans like, ‘I am free now’ or ‘I don’t need to get up early now’ etc.

11. Handmade Gifts

If you are little creative & you have some time to prepare the gifts then you can gift them a handmade painting or homemade mittens or hand knitted scarfs. Handmade gifts contain their own value as a gift.

12. Health Monitoring Gadgets

You can gift retiree health monitor machines such as sugar check machine or blood pressure measuring instrument or a morning walker etc. It will be very useful gift for the retiree person.

13. Sweets Basket

You can get some of his/her favorite cookies, chocolates, goodies etc. in a basket. To make it healthier you can have all the healthy food items like oats, flax seeds, beans, sugar free biscuits etc. in the basket.

14. Decorative Items

Decorative items are in trend for every occasion. Decorative items such as retirement mug or old crab shelf sitters or old croaker etc. are a different gift which can be used as a decorative item.

15. Flower Bouquet Along With a Nice Card

Flowers are always mood refreshing. You can have a bouquet of nice roses & a nice card with nice words written in it. You can convey your feelings for the retiree through the card without saying. It is an easily available gift & you don’t need much time to get it.

Never forget that the retired person needs special care & love. Gift is a small way to show your love but it means a lot to him/her. Hope this article will help you in choosing gifts for retiree. 🙂

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