15 Jhatpat Game Ideas For Kids

know your friends birthday party game

1. For up to 6 years kids, you can arrange simple race or ask them to sing as many nursery rhymes as possible.

2. For 7-10 year kids, you can arrange simple race (200m, 400m) or frog race.

3. For 11-15 year kids, three legged race or sack race can be organized.

4. You can play musical chair with adults as well as kids

5. Arrange a race in which players have to hold the ball between their knees and finish the race.

6. Whoever stands on one leg for maximum time.

7. Whoever inflates maximum balloons in one minute.

8. Whoever keeps water in mouth for maximum time.

9. Arrange a drawing competition (do not forget to define the rules clearly).

10. Tug of war can be arranged.

11. Whoever skips maximum time using a skipping rope in one minute or 30 seconds.

12. Whoever creates the longest rope with clothes they are wearing such as dupatta, hanky, belt etc.

13. Hurdle Race – in middle of the race you can keep things like tie, belt, shoes, socks etc. which they have to wear and then again run to reach the final point.

14. Hurdle Race 2 – in middle of the race you can keep books and pencil box which they have to keep in their school bag properly and then again run to reach the final point.

15. Memory Game – keep many things related to children like scale,pencil, rubber, color pencils, school tie/ belt,sketch pens, protector etc. and show them for 30 seconds and ask them to write on paper. One who writes maximum correct things will be the winner.

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