15 Return Gift ideas for Kids Birthday Party

return_gift_ideasReturn Gift – one small package which has a high element of surprise. Not only Kids, even we adults feel equally excited and curious to know what is bundled inside that beautiful packing :). Don’t we love it when we get a return gift at the end of our Kitty party!

I remember how excited I felt, when I unwrap that tiny bundle followed by an “Oh Wow” and sometimes even an “Oh No”. When it is a matter of kids party return gift, we should leave no stone unturned to ensure that it’s an “Oh Wow”, once unwrapped.

Here are some ideas to help you choose that Oh so perfect return gift for kids party:

1. Make It Yourself Photo Frames

Instead of the regular ones you may opt for “Make it yourself” photo frames. These come with 6-7 separate parts with an instruction manual. Kids will love to create their own photo frame.

2. Wall Art

There are innumerable options these days for stickers which can be pasted on walls/ Almira, and these glow in Dark. Kids will love the idea of pasting them in their rooms at location of their choice and at night it will not be tough for you to get the lights Off .After all they are Glow in “Dark” 🙂

3. Coloring Books

These are among the oldest return gift options but you can enhance the Wow quotient by buying color books of some favorite characters like Barbie, Spider-man – the options are limitless. You can even find out which is a kids favorite character and distribute accordingly.

4. Reading Books

Since ages, reading books are considered being the best gift. These have limitless options and are a wonderful gift.

5. Puzzles

Wooden or card board ones. These are always enjoyed by kids. After all, solving them earns the kids some applause.

6. Pictures

You can hire a professional photographer and get the kids clicked during the party. Get the picture framed and give it as return gift. Digital printing and putting in frames hardly takes any time these days and it is a good remembrance for the kids of a party they attended.

7. Stickers

These are liked by all kids. Again cartoon character specific stickers can be chosen

8. Small Light Lamp

There are lot of choices of chargeable table lamps which come in vibrant colors and shapes – a frog/beer/lion. Once charged they can be carried along anywhere. Kids love the colorful shapes and the joy that they have a light in their hands.

9. Alarm Clock

Pick one which has a cute sound when the hour changes and is colorful. Kids will love to have one for their room.

10. Lunch Box/Sippers Cups

These are good for school going kids. A new lunch box/sipper adds excitement to lunch time.

11. Dolls with Accessories

The young ladies would love this kit to decorate their doll as per their wishes.

12. Video Game DVDs

Tech savvy kids of today’s age love a new video game. Pick the latest craze and you will surely ensure an “Oh Wow”.

13. Ball

All kids have a ball, but a new one is always welcome. Again pick ones with some exciting cartoon character.

14. Chocolates/Cookies

No need to mention that these are always welcome.

15. Small Toys

Could be a small car or a little robot. Anything that moves and makes a sound is liked by kids of all ages.

I hope you will like these ideas and try some of these for your kid’s next birthday party :)Do share with us if you have some more good return gift ideas for kid’s birthday party…!!


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  3. absolutely fantastic ideas…

  4. Deepika mittal says:

    Suggest gift ideas for holi theme kitty tambola prizes. Its urgent

  5. Deepika mittal says:

    Pl suggest one min games for Holi kitty. Paper and activity games

  6. Thank you for your generosity in sharing so much of your knowledge.

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