30 Tambola Games – 30 Tambola Tickets

Way back in 2014, when we were thinking how to celebrate Ladies Kitty’s 2nd Birthday and engage with our readers, a crazy idea came to our mind. We decided to publish one new tambola game every day for entire birthday month i.e. 30 Days. It was challenging to come up with a unique ticket everyday but we did it…!! We published 30 Tambola Games in 30 Days. Needless to say, we felt accomplished and our fans enjoyed it too.

Today we decided to compile all those tambola games and tickets in one post so that our readers get a better view of what we achieved then and also making it easier to look at all these tambola tickets. So here is the throwback – 30 Tambola Tickets for you at one place. Click on the ticket and it will take you to the page describing how to play this game. Hope you will enjoy playing them…!!

Day 1 – Mother’s Day Tambola Game

mothers day bingo

Day 2 – Elephant Tambola Gameelephant tambola game

Day 3 – Bus Rhyme Tambola Game

bus rhyme tambola game

Day 4 – Fruits Tambola Game

fruits bingo game

Day 5 – Chocolate Tambola Game

chocolate tambola ticket

Day 6 – Butterfly Tambola Game

butterfly tambola game

Day 7 – Vegetables Tambola Game

vegetables bingo game

Day 8 – Colors Tambola Game

colors tambola ticket

Day 9 – Handbag Tambola Game

handbag tambola game

Day 10 – Bollywood Movies Tambola Game

bollywood movies tambola

Day 11 – Little Hearts Tambola Game

little hearts tambola

Day 12 – Flowers Tambola Game

flowers bingo game

Day 13 – Couple Tambola Game

couple tambola game

Day 14 – Playing Cards Tambola Game

playing card tambola

Day 15 – Kitchen Tambola Game

kitchen tambola game

Day 16 – Family Tambola Game

family tambola game

Day 17 – Train Tambola Game

train tambola ticket

Day 18 – TV Serials Tambola Game

tv serials tambola

Day 19 – Shaadi Tambola Game

shadi tambola game

Day 20 – World Trip Tambola Game

world tour tambola game

Day 21 – Coffee Tambola Game

coffee tambola game

Day 22 – Bollywood Music Tambola Game

bollywood music tambola

Day 23 – Basket Ball Tambola Game

baseket ball tambola game

Day 24 – Cell Phone Tambola Game

Cell phone tambola

Day 25 – Anniversary Tambola Game

anniversary tambola

Day 26 – Smileys Tambola Game

smileys tambola

Day 27 – Ice Cream Tambola Game

icecream tambola

Day 28 – Equation Tambola Game

equation tambola game

Day 29 – Candles Tambola Game

candles tambola

Day 30 – Varient Tambola Game


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