6 Games For Christmas Party


1.Sparkle Your Jingle Bell

Draw jingle bells on the craft/chart paper and then cut them.  Give one bell and some decoration things like ribbon, color pencils, glitters, designer tapes etc. to decorate their bells.  Time limit is 2 minutes.  As the time is over, keep all the bells on the table and a jar of candies. The twist of the game is that everyone has to keep candies on the bells as their vote mark.  They can keep either 1,2,3 or no candy on the bell.  The bell with maximum candies wins.

2.Santa Reindeer

Hide some small reindeer in obvious places and some at harder places to find in the party hall before the party starts. Tell all the children that Sants’s reindeer are lost somewhere in the hall. They have to find as many as they can in one minute.  For each reindeer, they will receive a surprise gift from Santa. The one with maximum reindeer wins maximum gifts

3.Secret Santa

Ask all the guests to bring a gift wrapped Santa and keep it on the table. Make small no. chits and put them in Santa’s cap.  Every child will come and pull out one chit.  The game is that the child with No. 1 will select the gift kept on the table and then the next no. till all the children get their secret Santa.

4.Santa’s Hat

Give one Santa’s cap to all the guests as they arrive for the party.  Ask them to wear till they see the Host to take off his cap. Once all the guests are engaged in enjoying the party, quietly remove your cap and see who catches you and does the same and he in turns becomes the winner.

5.Jingle The Box

Take an empty tissue box and tie a ribbon on the both sides of the box so that the players can tie the box on to their waist just below the belly.  Fill the box with 12-15 jingle bells in the box,  As the music starts, the  players have to dance and shake their bellies in such a way that all the bells fall out of the box.  The players cannot touch the box with their hands.  The one whosoever completes the challenge at the earliest wins.

6.Blindfold Santa

Put some Christmas related things in Santa’s bag for eg. small soft toys but one soft Santa, balls, bells, stars, toffees, thermocol balls etc.  Blindfold the player.  The twist of the game is that he has to put his hand in the bag and take out a handful of toys.  The player who takes out the Santa wins.  Winners can be more than one.


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