7 Games For Fathers Day Party


1.Father May I  Start Again

Mark a Start line and a finishing line and set up 3-4 obstacles in between in a zig-zag manner. Son/Daughter will start the race and father will stand at the finishing line. As the time starts, the player has to move towards the finishing line crossing all the obstacles.  The twist of the game is that after crossing every obstacle the player has to ask ‘Father May I start again’. If he doesn’t ask he has to all the way back to the starting line and start again. The player who reaches the finishing line at the earliest wins.

2.Pin The Tie on Dad

Fix a large picture or poster of your Dad in the party hall. Blindfold the players and give them a cut out of a tie which they have to pin on to Dad’s shirt collar.  The one who has tucked the tie either at the right place or closest to the collar wins.

3.Puzzle For Dad’s

Take a picture of each Dad who are going to attend the party.  Get the photos enlarged and cut into jig jag puzzle pieces and put them in a bag.  Now it’s Dad time to play the game. Give them the bags and its a challenge for them to put their own photo back together as early as possible.

4.Father Son/Daughter Compatibility   

Give paper and pen to each father and son/daughter. Write 10-12 questions related to their personal choice for eg. what is your Dad’s favorite dream car, favorite sport, movie, flavor of ice cream, holiday destination, Dad’s shoe size, Dad’s watch brand, favorite clothing brand, name of his best friend etc.  Time limit is two minutes.  Compare the answers and total the correct answers on both sheets.  The team with maximum correct answers wins.

5.Father Son/Daughter Jodi in Bolloywood

Write as many as names of father son/daughter jodi’s in Bollywood for eg. Sunil Dutt-Sanjay Dutt, Kamal Hasan-Struti Hassan, Rishi Kapoor-Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor-Sonam Kapoor etc.Time limit is one minute.

 6.Titles For Father

Give paper and pen to son/daughter and tell them to write titles for their father which they think  about their personality for eg. Best Dad in the world, My Daddy Dearest, My Strongest Daddy, Cool Daddy, Daddy My Hero, Perfect Dad, Caring Father, Best Buddy Ever, Pampering Papa, Friendly Father etc. Time limit is one minute. The one writes the maximum titles wins.

7.Father Crossword

Create a crossword with words hidden related to father for eg. caring, cool, generous, funny, super, devoted, sacrifice, loving, adorable, pamper, selfless, motivating, kind,honest, handsome etc.



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