7 Exciting Kitty Party Themes Ideas


1.Flower/Floral Theme Party Ideas

We can host a refreshing and colorful flower based theme party not only during Spring when the pretty flowers bloom all around you and nature looks so beautiful with greenery and full of life but also at any time of the year with a combination of artificial and seasonal flowers. The party can be indoor or outdoor. Get ideas about decoration, dress code, games and return gifts. This is a great Kitty party theme and birthday party theme. Check more about Flower/Floral Theme Party Ideas

2.Childhood Kitty Party Theme

A great way to remember your bachpan  is to have a theme kitty party called Bachpan or childhood which recollects your old memories and how we use to play outdoor games like pitthoo,flying kites, latto, chor police, gulli danda, stapu, chupan chupai, tippy tippy tap what color do you want etc.  in scorching heat during summer and also use to play some indoor games like Ludo, carom,  X and O (Tic Tac Toe), snakes and ladder, name place animal thing, statue/freeze, business etc. Get interesting ideas about decoration, dress code, games and food about Childhood Kitty Party Theme

3.Rainbow Theme Party Ideas

In today’s world where we are living a busy and hurried life, we should have parties with a good theme. Theme parties keep people lively, excited and interested. We must keep the topic of the theme party a fascinating one. It creates fun, enjoyment and interaction among your guests. A rainbow theme party is a perfect party idea to welcome monsoon and enjoy the colors around you. Check more about Rainbow Theme Party Ideas

4.Casino Theme Party Ideas

To think of having a casino themed party itself shows excitement to your friends especially for those who loves gambling when you send them the invite. This is a great way to gamble and have fun with friends without losing much of money as of casino. Check more about  Casino Theme Party Ideas

5.Bonfire Party Theme Ideas

Bonfire parties are great ways to get family and friends together especially on full moon night.  To have bonfire parties the venue can be either the backyard of your house or most preferable location is beach side. These types of parties have lot of fun for people of all ages but they can also be dangerous so keep your guest’s safety on top priority. Also after the party is over, always make sure that you extinguish the fire completely. A bonfire party can be only be successful when you have lots of lip snacking dishes to eat, lots of games to play, great music to play. Check more about Bonefire Party Theme Ideas

6.Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

There is a saying that Marriages are made in heaven whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage. Once married, then comes the wedding anniversary where couples celebrate their love and commitment for each other. Wedding anniversary parties can make a new beginning for the couple who choose to celebrate their 25th or 50th anniversary. A wedding anniversary party can be formal or a casual party, It all depends on your budget and the kind of party you would like to have. Check more about Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

7.Cricket Based Theme Party Ideas

Cricket, cricket, and cricket, this fever is always there throughout the year whether it is a test match or one day international or 20-20 or IPL among us. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. India is a cricket loving country.  A theme party is fun which creates interaction among the guests. When we arrange a theme party, our focus should be on the topic in all areas of the party right from decoration to food, games etc. Check more about Cricket Based Theme Party Ideas


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