7 Wrestling Games For Kids Party


1.Name The Wrestler

Display 10-15 pictures of famous wrestlers.  Give paper and pen to all the players and they have to write the names of the wrestler. The one with most correct answers wins.

2.Sumo wrestling

Take 2 sumo suits, 2 helmets,2 sets of wrestling gloves and one mat on hire for the party.  The foam padded suits will make you the size of a huge sumo Japanese wrestler. This wrestling game is to push, pull or throw your opponent out of the inner colored circle on the wrestling mat. The one who is able to do it in minimum time wins.

3.Pin The Belt On The Wrestler

Put a large poster of any Wrestler. Give each player a belt made of paper and a pin which he has to pin on the belt of the wrestler blindfolded.  The one who is able to pin either on the belt or closest to the belt wins.

4.Thumb Wrestling

Set up a thumb wrestling ring with wrestling ropes.  Keep WWE thumb superstar wrestler toys made of solid rubber which are very accurate in appearance to their real life counterparts. The players have to insert thumb into bottom of the head and smack down the opponent’s thumb.

5.Balloon Wrestling

Use 4 chairs as poles to your wrestling rings. Tie streamers around the chairs as wresting ropes.  Each player has to pop as many water balloons as he can in one minute using wrestling moves. The one who popes the maximum wins.

6.Wresting With The Bad Guy

Take a zipper closing pillow cover with fabric strips sewed on to represent arms and legs and a small bag attached for the head.  Stuff the pillow with balloons. The game is that the child has to pop all the balloons in the bad guy as fast as he can using his wrestling moves. The child who pops all the balloons in shortest time wins.

7.Make Your Championship Belts

Cut wrestling champ belts from construction paper and buckles with Champion written on it. Give the required material for eg. gem stones, WWE logo print outs etc. to each child with which he has to decorate their buckles.   This fun craft serves double duty as an activity and favor!

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