8 Awesome Games For Karva Chauth Theme Party


Karva Chauth is an one-day long festival from sunrise to moon rise which is traditionally celebrated by Hindu women in North India. While they fast for the welfare of their spouse, these fun games keep them busy from thinking about food.

1.Watch Your Host

An fun game where the host will show the items in a tray but the players have to answer the questions about the dress of host. Check more about  Watch Your Host

2.Rose Queen

A group party game for karvachauth in which players have to collect maximum roses. Check more about  Rose Queen

3.Change The Jewellery

One minute party game in which players have to change their jewellary with the given jewellary. Check more about  Change The Jewellery

4.Mehandi Mehandi

A group party game designed for karvachauth. Check more about  Mehandi Mehandi

5.Stars & Moons

A one minute party game in which players have to pick moons from a rice filled sieve to score maximum points.Check more about  Star & Moons

6.Flaunt Your Nails

A group party game in which players have to design nails of each other.Check more about  Flaunt Your Nails

7.Make Up & Jewelry

A party game specially designed for karva chauth. Check more about  Make Up & Jewelry

8.Bangles Rangoli

A game specially designed for Karva Chauth in which players have to make rangoli using kalava and bangles.Check more about  Bangles Rangoli

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