8 Fun Games For Halloween Theme Party


1.Spider Web Walk

Make a spider web with the help of any colored tape on the floor.  Put some plastic spiders on the web and the prize in the middle of the web. Mark a starting and finishing point.  As the time starts. the player has to walk on the tape and has to reach the finishing point and collect his prize.  The twist of the game is that he has to collect all the spiders lying in between without stepping out his foot from the tape. The moment his foot is on the floor, he is considered OUT. The player who collects his prize in minimum time wins.

2.Roll The Pumpkin Closer

A fun halloween party game in which all guests can participate & have fun.  check out for roll the pumpkin closer.

3.Balloon Battle With Mask

An interesting party game for halloween which can be played with adults as well as kids. In this game participants have to wear masks and blow off other team balloons. check out this Balloon Battle With Mask

4.What’s Your Stroy

An interesting halloween party game for kids and adults in which they need to make a scary story using the given props in given time. check out this What’s Your Story

5. Find The Killer

An interesting halloween party game for kids and adults in which players have to find the killer. check out this Find The Killer

6. Match The Bats 

A one minute Halloween party game for kids and adults in which each player will get a minute to find maximum matching halves of bats. check out this Match The Bats

7. Mr. Skeleton Race

An interesting Halloween party game for kids as well as adults in which each team has to make a skeleton in minimum time. check out this Mr. Skeleton Race

8. Count The Pumpkin Seeds And Win

Keep a jar filled with pumpkin seeds.  Every one in the party has to guess how many pumpkin seeds are there in the jar. The guest whoever guesses closest to the correct number wins.


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