8 Fun Games For Valentine Day


1.Valentine Message

Make blank slips except one or two i.e. the winning messages.  Write some valentine message on that for eg. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Your home is blessed because of you!,  sugar is sweet and so are you, Happy Valentine Day etc.  Put these messages along with blank slips in the balloon filled with helium and attach a ribbon to the bottom of the balloons to make them easy to catch them. In the mid of the party, tell everyone to pull down one balloon and stomp them to check if their balloon has the winning message inside.  The person who gets the Valentine message wins.

2.Valentine Tattoo

Arrange for some face/body paints or body markers.  The game is every couple has to make a tattoo on their partner’s arm related to Valentine.  After everyone has finished making their tattoos, let everyone  admire each other ‘s tattoos and give them some points.  The couple who created the highest point tattoo wins.

3.Romantic Couple

Let all the couples write the romantic names Aji suniye, Sunte ho,hello, hanji, Baccha, Shona, Babu, Jaan, Honey, Jaaneman, sweety etc. with which they call each other. Every couple has to read whatever they have written.  The audience will judge the presentation of the names based upon their sincerity, applause, emotions etc. used while reading out the names.  The couple who gets the maximum votes wins as Most Romantic Couple

4.Valentine Relay Race

Mark a starting and finishing point. Give each couple a heart shape cushion.  One will stand at the starting point and the other will at the finishing point.  The player has to place the heart between their knees and run towards to finishing point without dropping the heart.  He will then hand over the heart to their partner who in turn will keep the heart between the knees and run towards the starting point.  The couple who is able to complete the race at the earliest wins.  In case heart drops, the player must go back to the starting point and start again.

5.Valentine Surprise Gift.

Write a funny poem on any topic related to valentine for eg. red rose, flower, kiss, hug chocolate etc.  All the players will sit in a circle. The host will read the poem and any one can start the game by holding the gift.  Every time the topic of the poem  for eg.‘Hug’ is read the gift is passed around the circle, The poem can be “Hugs from Girls, Hugs from Boys, hugs from friend, which hug do you prefer?” and so on.  The player holding the gift at the end of poem gets it.  If the poem is short, you can read 4-5 times to have fun creating surprise for the players that who is going to get the gift.

6.Valentine Pictionary

Give one paper and pen to all the players and tell them to write as many words as they can in one minute related to Valentine for eg. hug, cake, flowers, ring, kiss, chocolate, card, arrow, propose, love, romantic, date  etc.

7.Valentine Mathmatics

Take a chart paper and draw 15 hearts on it.  Write some numbers randomly on them You need two dices and some counters to play.  The couple will roll the dices together. The game is that you have to add the two numbers and then multiply them 5 and place the counter on the correct heart. Time limit is one minute. The fun comes in bumping off player’s counter if the same number comes where the players have already kept the counter. The couple who is able to put the maximum counters on the hearts wins.

8.Guess the Movie Name

Write some lyrics of romantic songs for eg.Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar (Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander), Neele Neele Ambar Par Chand Jab Aaye (Kalakaar) Chand Chupa Badal Mein (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam) Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana (Aashiqui) The player who tells us the maximum correct name of the movies wins.

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