9 Fun Games/Activities For Teachers Day

teachers day

Teachers’ day is one of the occasions that is looked forward to by the teachers and students. Teachers play very important roles in shaping the future of a child. On this occasion, some students dress up as teachers and mimic them. The new acting teacher perform regular activities that are performed by their teachers in their own ways and teachers love to see their replicas. Here are some fun activities for teachers day which teachers as well as students have to perform to make this day special.

To start with, students with the approval of the Principal can handover  some titles written beautifully  on a hand-made paper to their teachers and can end the day by thanking them by giving some dance/song performances.

1.Flip The Pencils

Keep 10-12 pencils on the table. Player have to pick two pencils and place them on the back of the hand. He has to flip them into the air and catch them together. Then he/she has to add two more pencils and has to flip all the four.  After every flip he/she has to add two pencils but cannot add the next 2 if the player has not able to flip the last set in one minute. The one who is able to flip the maximum no. of pencils wins.

2.Competition Male Vs Female Teachers

Ask your male teachers to fold a saree within 30 seconds whereas female teachers have to knot a tie in 30 seconds. The best knot and best folded saree deserves to win.

3.On Stage Activities

Call out the names of your teachers on stage to perform an activity.  Write some activities like sing a song, recite a poem, imitate as actor etc. on different slips. Teachers will take out one slip and perform.

4.Student-Teacher Unique Ramp Walk

Give your teachers a surprise  by inviting them on stage for a ramp walk with students.  The best one wins.

5.Vocabulary Test

Give one paper and pen to the teachers and tell them to write hindi varnamala ie. ka, kha,ga … The one writes correctly at the earliest wins.

6. Memory Test For Teachers

All the teachers will sit in the classroom as students. One student who is acting as teacher will come to the class and do some activities like change the time on the clock, switch of the fan, open the almirah and keep the books lying on the table, clean the blackboard, write the date etc. and then he/she leaves the classroom. Give one paper and pen to all the teachers and tell them to write the activities carried out in chronological order in one minute.

7.Longest Pencil Flakes

This game can be played with 5-6 teachers together. Give one sharpener and pencil to the teachers.  They have to sharpen the pencil very carefully so that there should not be any breakage in the flakes in one minute. The one with the longest pencil flakes wins.

8.Hit The Target

Draw a circle on the blackboard with a dot in the centre as the target. Blindfold your teacher, spin him/her thrice and give a piece of chalk to draw a dot either on the dot or somewhere near to it.  The one who draws nearest to the target wins.

9.Equation Tambola Game

An innovative tambola game in which tambola ticket has equations. Check more about  Equation Tambola Game

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