A-Z Of Winters – Party Game

kitty party gameThings Required

  • Pen and paper for all the participants

How To Play

  • Give pen and paper to all the participants
  • They have to write A-Z of winters.
  • The words used should be related to winters.
  • It can be the name of winter months, name of winter fruits and vegetables, names of festivals, name of winter clothes, name of sweets, name of common disease etc.
  • The participant can write the name either in English or in Hindi.
  • Time limit is two minutes.


The participants who writes the maximum names wins !!

For your reference the list is given below :

A – Anghiti, Arctic

B – Brandy, Blanket,Boots

C- Coldest, Carrot, Chilly

D – Dhoop, Dew, December

E – Eggs, Exposure

F- Fog, Freeze, February

G – Gloves, Gazak, Gur, Gajar Ka halwa

H- Heater,Hazy, Hat

I – Ice cold, Ice skating

J – Jacket, January

K – Kambal, Kite, Khajoor

L – Lohi, Lohri

M – Makki ki Roti, Muffler, Moongphali

N – Nose block, Numb

O – Oranges, Over coat

P – Panjiri, Pinni, Peas

Q – Quilt,

R – Rum, Republic Day, Rewari

S – Sweater, Sarso Ka Saag, Shivering,Sneezing

T – Thermal, Til Ke Ladoo

U – Umbrella

V – Visibility, Valentines Day

W – Woolens, Weddings, Wet Cold, Walnuts

X – Xmas

Y –  Yummy food

Z – Zero degree, Zukham

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