Alphabetical Talk – Party Game

spelling_madnessThings Required

  • Nothing 😉

How To Play

  • Let all the participants sit in a circle.
  • The game is that everybody has to say something but alphabetically.
  • Anybody can start with a sentence starting with letter ‘A’ –Apples are very ripe.
  • Next participants will say something  starting with letter ‘B’ – Boys are running  then with letter ‘C’ – Cats are sleeping , ‘D’ – Doctors are on strike  and so on until you arrive back at letter ‘A’.
  • The participant who takes more than 30 seconds to speak is considered OUT.
  • Nobody can repeat the sentence.


The participants who manages to remain till the last wins the game!!


  1. deepika raj garg says:

    its a good site to join

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