An Innovative Way To Declare Your Pregnancy

So finally the day came and we got to know that we are expecting a new member in our small family. I & my husband were very much eager to disclose this to rest of the family members. But we didn’t want to do it in traditional manner of just telling them that we are on family way. We gave it a little thought and came up with this wonderful idea of creating medals for each one of the family member.

We photo-shopped these medals in power point and got it printed on a glossy sheet. We then made holes on the top and put some bright color ribbons in each one of them. And our medals were ready…!!

We then put these medals in everyone’s neck while they were busy doing some other activity. Trust me they were very much delighted to know about this great news in such an innovative and surprising way…!!

Let us know if you like the idea too or if you know any of such an innovative way to declare the pregnancy…!! 🙂

About Author: Abha Gupta is a homemaker and an occasional writer. She is a regular reader of Ladies Kitty & now a contributor.

She discovered her pregnancy a few weeks back and expressed a deep interest in sharing her experience here on LK & we readily agreed to publish it.

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