Baby Gears – Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower Game - Baby GearsThings Required

  • Lots of baby related things such as nipple, hat, bib, booties, feeding bottle, toy, baby cream, powder etc.
  • A big bag to carry all the above things
  • Music to play

How To Play

  • Let all the guests sit in a circle.
  • Now guests have to pass on the bag carrying all the baby related things in the circle.
  • As the music stops, the person who is now carrying the bag has to take out one item from it and keep it with him/her. If it is something that can be worn like bib, it will be good if the person can wear it or like a nipple can also be put in mouth for a while 😉
  • Game continues until all the items in the bag are taken out.


Whoever got maximum things will be the winner & will be declared best baby of the day 🙂

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