Balance Pasta With Chopstick – Party Game

party game

Things Required

  • 7-8 Mezze Penne uncooked pasta
  • One chopstick
  • One Table

How To Play

  • Before the game starts, keep 7-8 mezze penne uncooked pasta and one chopstick at the table.
  • The participants have to stand near the table.
  • As the time starts, the participant  have to grab the chopstick and place it into their mouth.
  • Once the chopstick is placed in their mouth, the participants are not allowed to use their hands.
  • They have to keep them at the back.
  • The participants has to pick the pennes one by one  with the help of chopstick.
  • The participants should be careful while picking the pennes so that the pennes already  in the chopstick should not fall.
  • If they fall on the ground they can not be picked up, but if they fall on the table they can use it again
  • Penne can touch lips, but they should not enter their mouth.
  • Time limit is one minute.


The participant who is able to hold the maximum maze penne pasta in his/her chopstick wins.


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