Bangles Funda – Teej Party Game

one minute party gameThings Required

  • 10 bangles each of Green, Red, Yellow and Blue color
  • 4 bangles of purple color
  • One bowl for mixing the bangles

How To Play

  • Allocate marks to each color for example Green-20, red-15, yellow-10 and Blue-5
  • Add 4 bangles of any purple color.
  • Mix all bangles in a bowl.
  • Blindfold¬† the player and ask her to pick any 10 bangles except purple.
  • Add the marks allocated to bangles which the player has picked up.
  • The twist of the game is, in case the player has picked up purple bangle, she is out of the game.


The player with maximum marks wins !!

The game can be played without giving marks as well.  In that case who picks up the maximum green color bangles is the winner.

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