Bangles Luck – Party Game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Vinita Jain. Thanks to her for sharing such innovative and fun game with us.

one minute party game
Things Required

  • 50 bangles in a bowl
  • A dice
  • Gifts according to number of winners

How To Play

  • Put bangles in a bowl and give it to the player alongwith the dice.
  • They have to throw the dice and put one bangle in the finger as per the no. for eg.
  • For  no. 1  the player has to put one bangle in the baby finger
  • For no. 2 the player has to put two bangles in ring finger
  • For no. 3 the player has to put three bangles in middle finger,
  • For no. 4 the player has to put four bangles in index finger and
  • For no. 5 the player has to put five bangles in thumb.
  • In between if  no. 6 comes nothing is to be done, they have to throw the dice again.
  • After putting  the bangles in all the fingers the player has to play the dice for  no. 6.
  • As soon as the no. 6 comes the player has to take out all the bangles from the fingers and add one bangle to it then wear it in her hand.
  • Then player will again roll the dice three times.
  • Now the player will remove as many bangles from her hand as per the number rolled the dice.
  • In the last count the remaining bangles.


The player who has maximum number of bangles remaining wins.

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