Bath Relay Race – Kids Party Game


Things Required

  • Two bath robes
  • Two swimming caps & goggles
  • Two pairs of slippers

How To Play

  •  Divide the children into  two groups
  • Mark a starting line and and finishing line about 20 feet apart.
  • Keep the bath robe, swimming cap, goggles and a pair of slippers near the finishing line.
  • Line up the teams and everybody should remove their shoes..
  • As the time starts, the child has to run towards the finishing line, put on the bath robe, swimming cap, goggles, a pair of slippers and runs back to their group
  • The child will hand over all the things to the next child, who inturn put  all the things and runs to the other side and comes back and passes all the things to the next child.
  • This process  will keep on going until  all the players  have done it.


The team who finishes their task earliest is the winner.

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