Beach Relay Race – Party Game

beach relay race - group party gameThing Required

  • A table where the following things are to be kept
    1. A tube of sunscreen
    2. A pair of sunglasses
    3. Beach Ball
    4. One towel
    5. Frisbee

How to Play

  1. Divide guests into teams, and have the members of each team line up.
  2. Mark a starting line and finishing line say 10 feet apart.
  3. Keep all the things on the table.
  4. As the time starts, first player of first team should apply the sunscreen on this face, put sunglasses, blow up a beach ball, wrap a towel around the waist and run towards the finishing line with Frisbee.
  5. On reaching the finishing line throw the Frisbee to his teammate without dropping and then run back to the starting point.
  6. After reaching the starting point, player has to handover all the things he/she is wearing to the teammate.
  7. Play continues until all of the players of all teams have completed the relay.


The first team to completes the relay in the shortest time wins.

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