Bindi Tambola – Tambola Game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Shashi Nigam. Thanks to Shashi for sharing such a wonderful game with us.

Playing Tambola With Props

Things Required

  • 2 ¬†Tambola Boards
  • 40-45 Bindi’s

How To Play

  • Stick 45 Bindi’s randomly on any numbers on a Tambola board.
  • Ask the participants to pass the board with the bindis around one by one
  • Caller will call the numbers & if the bindi is stuck on the number called, the person with the board will take out the bindi and stick it on her hand
  • The round continues till second board is also circulated & all the numbers are called


Person with the maximum number of bindis on her hand will be declared as winner.


  1. i m unable to understand that hw to play bindi tambola pls help me to understand. thanks

  2. Hi
    Interesting game. Thanks.
    One query–Why not stick all the 90 bindis on one board. Didn’t understand the rationale for two boards.


  3. Hi this is an intersting game. Bindi tambola… why two boards why nt all nos on one board….plz reply fast kitty in 5 days

  4. If we stick bindis on a single board, then everyone will have same number of bindis at the end. If we use two boards then at some of the numbers, players will not get any bindi.

  5. i just wanted to know that have we to call out any 45nos and then see who has placed max bindis on their ticket .If not then how many rounds of boards to pass.


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