Blind Auction – Party Game

blind_auctionThings Required

  • 20-25 items wrapped as gifts for a gathering of 40 people (out of which some items should be good ones and some junk/funny gifts)
  • You can reduce or increase the number of gift items depending on the gathering.

How To Play

  • Keep all the gifts on the table for auction.
  • The auctioneer or host will begin auction of all the items one by one. As this is just for fun, minimum bidding can start from a low amount.
  • Participants/Bidders cannot see the items as they are nicely wrapped.
  • As the auction is blind, the auctioneer will give some clues about the item and participants can bid accordingly.
  • After giving the money, participants can collect the gift items.
  • As the auction the over, everybody has to open their items and see whether their bidding is competitive or not.


  • Well, those who have got good gifts are the lucky ones and of course the winners.

As this bidding is just for fun sake,we can return the money to those who have opted for bidding after the party wrap up. 🙂

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