Bollywood Movies Tambola Game

bollywood movies tambolaThings Required

  • List of Hindi movies starting  with alphabets M, O, V, I & E. Refer this link for movies list.
  • Make small chits of all the above movies, fold it and put it in a bowl
  • Take print outs of below image as per the number of participants.
  • bollywood movies tambola
  • Write down 10  movie names  in each ticket..

How To Play

  • Give one movie tambola ticket to every player.
  • Caller needs to announce one movie name  at a time and strike it out on the list. You can also choose to say a famous dialog of the movie along with the movie name.
  • If that movie name  called by Caller exists on the player ticket, player has to strike it.
    • For corners, player has to say – “Aaj mere pass charo corners hai, tumhare pass kya hai?”.
    • For early five, player has to say – “Kaun kambakhat harne ke liye khelta hai, hum toh khelte hai early five ke liye”
    • For each row, player has to say – “Anarkali ki kismat mein first/second/third row aayi hai”.
    • For full house, player has to say – “Hum angrezo ke zamane ke winner hai”
  •  Game ends when all the prizes for early five, corners, rows and houses  are  successfully claimed.

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