Broadcast The Message – Group Party Game

broadcast_the_message_group_party_gameThings Required

  • Some music to play

How To Play

  1. Let all the players sit in a circle.
  2. One player can think of a message or phrase which he has to whisper to the next player.
  3. That player has to pass that phrase to the next player.
  4. The message continues to be whispered till it reaches the last player who will call in turn will announce the message he has received.
  5. The fun part of this game isĀ  that the final message when you compare with the original message as it is often becomes hilariously garbled.
  6. Of course there will be no winner.
  7. Alternatively you can divide the players into two groups and communicate the same message to the groups.
  8. In the end see the result who is closest to the the original message.

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