Bucket Blast – Party Game


Number Of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction, as many as you want. For this game more the number of people, more fun it is as we are going to divide people in teams.

Things Required

  • Two buckets (One filled with water and one empty).
  • One mug with small 3-4 holes in the bottom.
  • Color (optional – you can add it to the water)

How to Play

    • Divide the players equally into teams.
    • Draw a starting line and a finishing line.
    • Keep the bucket filled with water near the starting line and the empty near the finishing line.
    • As the time starts, the first player will fill the water in the mug and will keep the mug on his head and shall run towards the finishing lineĀ  to pour the water in the empty bucket
    • After pouring the water the player will run back to the starting line and pass the mug to the second player and so on.
    • This will continue until they empty the original bucket or you can keep a time limit.


The team who completes task at the earliest or the team with maximum water in the bucket in a limited time (decided by organizer or host) is the winner.

The fun part is that everybody will get wet while doing this task :).


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