Call For Everyone – Party Game


Thing Required

  • Nothing

How To Play

  • Let all the participants sit in a circle on chairs.
  • Any one of the participants can start the game standing in the middle of the circle.
  • As the time starts, the person standing in the middle  will say ‘call for all those who are wearing brown shoes’
  • The game is that  all the people who are wearing brown shoes have to get up and switch the chairs with someone else who is wearing brown shoes but they can not switch the chairs with the person sitting next to them.
  • In the meantime, the person standing in the middle will grab one of the chairs and sit on that chair.
  • The participant who is not able to get the chair will come in the center and start the game again by saying for eg. Call for all those who are wearing green color, wearing specs, have two cars, likes to eat pizza, likes to watch cricket match etc.


Everybody is the winner. This is a fun filled game and can be played till the time you are enjoying it.

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