Candy & Dice Bingo

Playing Tambola With Props

Things Required

  • One basket full of candies
  • One dice
  • One bowl filled with slips of playing instructions¬† some of which can be as follows:
  1. Take a candy from the player sitting on your left
  2. Take a candy from the player you like the most
  3. Give one candy to the player who is wearing black
  4. Take two more candies from the host
  5. Leave all your candies back in the bowl
  6. Give three candies to any two players you like the most
  7. Take one candy each from your left and right player
  8. Give one candy to the player with short hair
  9. Eat one of your candies¬† …..etc.

How To Play

  • Give four candies to each player.
  • The player will roll the dice..
  • For every 2 & 4 the player has to pick one slip from the basket and have to follow whatever is written¬† on the slip as above.
  • For other rolled nos. player will pass on the dice to the next player.


The player who is able to play till the last wins !!

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