Catch & Pass The Balloon – Party Game


Number Of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction, as many as you want.

Things Required

  • Water filled balloons according to the number of players.
  • Two buckets per group.

How to Play

  • Divide the players into a group of 6 or according to the number of players.
  • Let all the groups stand in a row about one feet away from each other.
  • Keep one bucket full of water balloons in the beginning of the row and one empty bucket at the end of the row.
  • As the time starts first player has to pick up the water balloon and toss the balloon to the next player standing in the row and likewise till the last player.
  • Last player has to put the balloon in the empty bucket.
  • The balloons which falls down on the ground while tossing or catching shall not be counted.
  • Time limit is two minutes.


The team who fills the bucket with maximum balloons wins.


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