Frozen T-Shirt – Party Game

Things Required Player’s T-shirts How To Play Ask all the players to send their t-shirts one day before the party or old t-shirts can be used. The host will soak them in water so that they can absorb more water. Flatten all the t-shirts and fold them as small as possible and freeze them. Line up the players and give their t-shirts to wear. As the t-shirts are frozen so it becomes harder to wear. The players can use whatever {Read More}

Love Compatibility Check – Couple Party Game

Things Required A rose and a chocolate Two Chairs A list of questions to be asked How To Play Make the couple sit back to back on the chairs. Give one rose to both of them in one hand and one chocolate in the other hand. (The host can give any other thing of his choice also). Now the host will ask them questions and they have to answer by raising one of their hands. If the answer to questions {Read More}

Couple Dance – Valentine Party Game

Things Required Six paper chits One bowl Pen Music How To Play Write Propose, Hug, Engagement, Kiss, Marriage & Honeymoon on six paper chits Fold the chits and put them in the bowl Assign one dance move to each of the 6 chits As the music starts all the couples have to start dancing As the music stops they have to get into any one of the above dance moves The host will now pick one slip from the bowl and {Read More}

Valentine Week Tambola

Things Required Red Roses for valentine’s day Yellow Roses for rose day Teddy for teddy day Chocolate for chocolate day Tambola board & tokens Pen/pencil Take printouts of below image and write 16 numbers in each ticket How To Play Keep roses, chocolates and teddy on a table. Give one valentine week tambola ticket to every couple. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the couple’s ticket, they have to strike {Read More}

Food Rhythm Race – Kitty Party Game

Things Required 4 bowls filled with poha, malai, channa and chatni separately. How To Play Keep these bowls in a line on the table. The player has to say papa poha, mummy malai, chacha chana and chachi chatni in one minute. The twist of the game is that the player has to say this in reverse order also to complete one round for ex. the player will say papa poha, mummy malai, chacha chana, chachi chatni and then in reverse {Read More}

Indoor Bowling – Group Party Game

Things Required Bowling set or water bottles filled with water as bowling pins Medium size rubber ball for hitting the bowling pins. How To Play Keep  kid’s bowling set or water bottles filled with water or coke as bowling pins at one side of the party hall. Mark a line say 8-10 feet apart. Take a medium sized rubber ball for hitting the bowling pins. Every player will be given three chances for bowling to play. Make a score board {Read More}

Couple In Focus – Anniversary Party Game

Things Required Paper Chits Pen/Pencil Bowl to carry chits How To Play This game is specially designed to be played on wedding anniversary parties where everyone will be giving funny answers for the couple. Create fun chits by writing questions as below: Agar couple ice-cream hota toh app unhe kaun se naam se bulate? Agar couple vegetable hota toh app unhe kaun se naam se bulate? Agar couple fruit hota toh app unhe kaun se naam se bulate? Agar couple cosmetic hota toh app unhe kaun {Read More}

Musical Smiley – Party Game

Things Required 3 Smiley Balls Music to play How To Play Take 3 smiley  balls and write with sketch pen ‘L’ on one ball ‘R’ on the second ball and ‘C’ on the third ball. Keep these three balls in a bag. All the players have to sit in a circle. As the music starts, start passing the bag. As the music stops, the player who is holding the bag will take out one ball. If the players takes out {Read More}

Mohe Rang De – Holi Tambola

Things Required Take print outs of below image as per the number of participants. Write down 15 numbers in each ticket. Tambola boards and tokens. How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. When all the numbers are cut in a particular section, player has to say – {Read More}

Balance the Champagne – New Year Party Game

Things Required 1/2 or 3/4 filled glasses of Champagne for each group How To Play Divide the players into group of 4,6 or 8. Mark a starting line and finishing line. Half of the group will stand at the starting point and half group at the finishing line. Give one half filled or 3/4  glass of champagne to each group. The game is that the player has to  balance the glass on their palm without closing their fingers. One player {Read More}