Balloon Messages – Party Game

Things Required Blow  the balloons with some action messages inside for eg. bark like a dog, pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, name 10 flavors of ice cream, stand on leg for one minute, show your best dance move, mimic like any bollywood actor/actress etc. Make sure balloons are inflated with right amount of air in the balloon. How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle. As the game starts, a balloon {Read More}

Blow The Balloons – Couple Party Game

Things Required Lot of balloons scattered in the party hall How To Play A party is incomplete without balloons, whether it is a valentine party, couple party, holi or diwali party, so  scatter as many as balloons in the party hall. All the male partners will sit cross legged either on the chair or on the floor as per their wish. As the time starts, the female partner has to grab a balloon, sit on her partner’s lap and burst {Read More}

Balloon Electricity – Party Game

Things Required Plenty of balloons How To Play Divide the participants into groups and give them lot of balloons Mark a space on the wall for each group. As the time starts, each player has to grab a balloon and start rubbing for several seconds on their hair, clothes to generate static electricity and then stick them on the wall allocated to them. Time limit is one minute. Winner The team who is able to stick the maximum balloons on {Read More}

Balloon Beauty – Group Party Game

Things Required Lots of balloons of different shapes,sizes  and colors Air pump to inflate balloons Tape, stapler, colored paper and Strings How To Play Divide the players into groups of 4-5 Give each group lots of balloons of different shapes and colors, air pump, strings, tape etc. needed to dress the model with balloons. The game is that each team has to identify one person as model and then they have to dress the model with balloons. Time limit is {Read More}

Musical Balloons – Party Game

Things Required Lots of different color balloons How To Play Blow different color big balloons and scatter them in the party hall. The balloons  should be one less than the number of participants. Play the music and ask  all the participants  to be in the center of the hall. As the music stops, they have to run and grab a balloon. The one who is left without a balloon, he/she is considered OUT. Each time remove one balloon from the floor just {Read More}

Hold The Balloons – Party Game

Things Required Plenty of inflated balloons How To Play Keep all the balloons in the center of the party hall The children have to hold as many balloons as possible  using their hands, feet, chin,  insert as many as  they can  in their  dress wherever they want. As the time starts, the children have to rush  and start holding the balloons. Time limit is one minute. Winner The participants who  holds the maximum balloons is the winner. This game can {Read More}

Balloon Hockey – Group Party Game

Things Required Long sausage shape balloon which look like a hockey stick as per the number of players for both the teams. Round balloons in place of balls with little water in it. How To Play This is an indoor game which can be played in a big hall. Mark a goal area on both the sides. To prevent the balloon from blowing off put small amount of water in the balloon before it is tied. The game begins with {Read More}

Balloon Battle With Mask – Halloween Party Game

Things Required Scary masks Black and orange color balloons How To Play Divide your guests into two teams and tie one black and an orange color balloon on the wrist of each member. Now give each member a mask to wear. Give sometime to each team so that they can get familiar with their team members masks. Both team members have to burst other team member’s balloons. Mask makes it difficult for member to identify their teammates. If a team {Read More}

Judge The Lung Capacity – Party Game

Things Required Plenty of balloons How To Play Give 10 balloons to all the participants. They have to blow  every balloon in 5 breathes and then tie them. Time limit is two minutes. Winner The participants who blows either the maximum balloon or the biggest balloon wins!! This game can be played in groups also.  The group who blows the maximum balloon is the winner.

Pass The Leaking Balloon – Party Game

Things Required Balloons filled with water. How To Play Let all the players stand in a circle Give one water filled balloon by making a small hole with the help of a pin,  to  any one player As the time starts, players have to toss the leaking  balloon to each other Player who winds up catching the balloon when it is completely empty is considered to be ‘out’ Continue the same process till the last player remains. Winner The player {Read More}