Scratch & Win Tambola – Tambola Game

Things Required Tambola board as explained below Tokens for playing How To Play Take a cardboard 15’x15′ size  and paste white sheet on it. Draw 90 blocks just like tambola board. Write the name of the small gifts like a bar of chocolate, smiley ball, a pen, pencil and rubber, a key ring etc. or some prize money in 25 or 30 blocks or per the wish of the host. Leave around 40 blocks blank or can write better luck {Read More}

Fun With Cards And Spoons – New Year Party Game

Things Required Spoons as per the no. of players 1-2Deck of cards How To Play Keep spoons one less than the numbers of players in the middle of the table for eg. keep 7 spoons if 8 players are playing the game. All the players have to sit around the spoons. If the players are more than 4 then take 2 deck of cards. Shuffle the deck of cards and give each player four cards and place the rest of {Read More}

15 Games For Christmas Theme Party

1.Christmas Card Partners Take old Christmas cards and cut them in half.  Mix all the halves in a basket and keep them in the centre of the party hall. After all the guests arrived, ask each one to take one card from the basket and find your partner who is holding the other half card.  The first three pairs of guests who brings their completed cards are the winners. 2.Pair Gift wrap Divide the guests into pairs. Tie the right {Read More}

Santa In A Bag – Christmas Party Game

Things Required A bag full of small stuffed soft toys including 5-6 small stuffed Santa’s Small Christmas gifts, stuffed toys, bells, small caps, gloves stockings. stars etc. How To Play Put all the above things  in a bag. All the players will sit in a circle and will start the game by passing the bag. Every participant has to put their hands in the bag and bring out a handful of toys and put it in the bowl. Count no. {Read More}

Who’s Santa – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Name chits of all the guests Santa’s Dress Gifts and chocolates for children Music to play How To Play Make small name chits of the guests in the party. Put all the chits in a bowl. As the music starts, everybody will start dancing. Stop the music after some time and the host will take out 4 slips from the bowl and will announce the names. That four people will be Out of the game. Resume the music {Read More}

A-Z Of Winters – Party Game

Things Required Pen and paper for all the participants How To Play Give pen and paper to all the participants They have to write A-Z of winters. The words used should be related to winters. It can be the name of winter months, name of winter fruits and vegetables, names of festivals, name of winter clothes, name of sweets, name of common disease etc. The participant can write the name either in English or in Hindi. Time limit is two {Read More}

Pass The Christmas Bell – Party Game

Things Required One Christmas Bell How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle. Blindfold one player who will stand in the middle of the circle. Give one bell to one of the players sitting in the circle. As the time starts, everybody will start singing “Merry Christmas” or some Christmas carol. While singing they will try to silently pass the bell to another player. As the time ends, remove the blindfold and now that player will guess {Read More}

Unwrap The Gift – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Small gifts Wrapping paper One pair of bulky gloves Tape and scissors Boxes small as well as big ones How To Play Wrap small gifts in multiple layers of boxes and wrapping paper. All the players should sit in a circle. Give one pair of bulky gloves and one gift to the player. The game is that the players have to put on the gloves and unwrap the multi layer gift. Time limit is one minute. The players {Read More}

Christmas & New Year Tambola

Things Required Paper and pencil for each player Printout of above image as per the number of players Tambola tokens and board How To Play Give one print out to each player Tell the players to write any numbers of their choice from 1 to 90 under each alphabet. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to {Read More}

Stars On Christmas – Party Game

Things Required Star stickers Printouts of the above image as per the number of players How To Play Show the picture to the player before starting the game. Blindfold the player and tell him to stick the stars on the picture. Stars sticked on the picture will get  10 points . Starts sticked outside the picture will get minus 10 points. Time limit is one minute. Total the score. Winner The player who has the maximum score wins.