Pass The Christmas Bell – Party Game

Things Required One Christmas Bell How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle. Blindfold one player who will stand in the middle of the circle. Give one bell to one of the players sitting in the circle. As the time starts, everybody will start singing “Merry Christmas” or some Christmas carol. While singing they will try to silently pass the bell to another player. As the time ends, remove the blindfold and now that player will guess {Read More}

Unwrap The Gift – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Small gifts Wrapping paper One pair of bulky gloves Tape and scissors Boxes small as well as big ones How To Play Wrap small gifts in multiple layers of boxes and wrapping paper. All the players should sit in a circle. Give one pair of bulky gloves and one gift to the player. The game is that the players have to put on the gloves and unwrap the multi layer gift. Time limit is one minute. The players {Read More}

Christmas & New Year Tambola

Things Required Paper and pencil for each player Printout of above image as per the number of players Tambola tokens and board How To Play Tell the players to write any numbers of their choice from 1 to 90 under each alphabet. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. You {Read More}

Stars On Christmas – Party Game

Things Required Star stickers Printouts of the above image as per the number of players How To Play Show the picture to the player before starting the game. Blindfold the player and tell him to stick the stars on the picture. Stars sticked on the picture will get  10 points . Starts sticked outside the picture will get minus 10 points. Time limit is one minute. Total the score. Winner The player who has the maximum score wins.

Carol Partner – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Two sets of slips with some popular Christmas Carol songs written on it  for ex. Jingle Bells, Santa Baby, Sliver bells, Slient Nights etc. How To Play Put all the slips in Santa’s cap. One by one the player will come and take one slip from the cap. Now two players have the slip of the same carol. As the time starts, everybody will start humming the carol written on their slip. The game is that they have {Read More}

Christmas Tree Decoration – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Mini Christmas Trees Small ornaments to decorate the  tree like bells, balls, stars etc. Cotton,scissor, tape Tinsel How To Play Divide the players into groups and give the above  material. They have to decorate the tree as fast as they can. (Optionally you can set a time limit) Winner The group who decorates at the earliest wins.  Prizes can also be give for the best decorated tree, attractive tree etc.

Gift Walk – Christmas Party Game

Things Required 26 card board of size 12″ x12″ Small chits of alphabets A-Z One Bowl Lots of gifts Music to play How To Play Write the alphabets from A-Z on 12” x12” board. Keep them in a circle on the ground. Also make small chits  of alphabets and keep them in a bowl in the middle of the circle. Everyone has to stand on the alphabets. As the music starts, everybody will start walking around the circle. As the {Read More}

Christmas Counting – Party Game

Things Required Photocopies/print out of above picture for all the players Pen/pencil How To Play Give one printout and pen to every players The game is that every player has to  count the five things – X’mas tree, bells, stars, gifts and balls. Write them separately for ex. bells -4 stars – 5 etc. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who is able to count and write the correct answers wins !! Correct answers are Balls – 10 {Read More}

Color The Santa Claus – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Photocopies of Santa Claus sketch as given above Color pen or pencils One Dice How To Play Give one photocopy and colors to the players. Assign the colors to each number on dice. For example 01 – color the cap of Santa claus 02 – color the clothes of Santa claus, 03 – color the beard of Santa Claus, 04 – Color the gift bag of Santa Claus 05 – color the shoes of Santa Claus 06 – {Read More}

Passing The Slips – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Two sets of slips of things related to Christmas for e.g. Santa Clause, cake, balloons, gifts, hat, curling ribbons,candles, bells, flowers, drinks, snacks, plates, cups, table cover, napkins, xmas tree,lights, etc. One bowl Some music to play How To Play Give one slip to each participant and put one set of slips in the bowl. Let all the participants sit in a circle. As the music starts, the participants will start passing their slips to the next participant {Read More}