Roses All Over -One Minute Game

Things Required A basket full of red roses How To Play Let the male partner stand with hands stretched out straight. Give a basket full of red roses to female partner. The game is that female partners have to keep as many red roses as she can on male’s partner body parts for eg. his head, shoulders, hands, ear etc. Roses fell down on the ground will not be counted. Time limit is one minute. Winner Couple with male partner balancing maximum roses on his {Read More}

Couple Dance – Valentine Party Game

Things Required Six paper chits One bowl Pen Music How To Play Write Propose, Hug, Engagement, Kiss, Marriage & Honeymoon on six paper chits Fold the chits and put them in the bowl Assign one dance move to each of the 6 chits As the music starts all the couples have to start dancing As the music stops they have to get into any one of the above dance moves The host will now pick one slip from the bowl and {Read More}

Drink With A Twist – Valentine Party Game

Things Required Few Glasses Soft drink or any other Cold drink Straws with holes in them How To Play Fill  the glass with cold drink. Make multiple holes in the straws with the help of pin. Put two of these straws with holes in each glass. Now give one glass to each couple and ask them to finish the drink as fast as possible. Winner The couple who is able to finish the drink at the earliest wins.

Pin The Heart – One Minute Game

Things Required Red heart shape paper cut outs Safety pins or allpins How To Play Buy red heart paper cut outs from the market or cut mini hearts from red paper. Give 15 red hearts paper cut outs and safety pins to each female partner. They have to put them on the shirt of their male partner with the help of safety pins. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who is able to complete the task either in {Read More}

Valentine Week Tambola

Things Required Red Roses for valentine’s day Yellow Roses for rose day Teddy for teddy day Chocolate for chocolate day Tambola board & tokens Pen/pencil Take printouts of below image and write 16 numbers in each ticket How To Play Keep roses, chocolates and teddy on a table. Give one valentine week tambola ticket to every couple. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the couple’s ticket, they have to strike {Read More}

Churiwala – One Minute Couple Game

Things Required Bangles of 6 different colors An empty tray Dice Table How To Play Mark a line at ~7-8 feet from the table Mix all the bangles in the tray and keep the tray on the table Assign a bangle color to each dice number. For example Red to 1, Yellow to 2 and so on Give the dice to each couple one by one and ask them to stand at the line As the time starts, female partner has to roll {Read More}

Lets’s Get Cooking – Couple Party Game

Things Required Small chits with names of dishes Small pouches of ingredients for eg. masale, vegetables, different dals to be used in the dishes. How To Play Make small chits and write the names of  dishes for eg. shahi paneer, palak paneer, methi malai mater, dal makhani, chole, malai kofta, rajma etc. According to the list of dishes make small pouches of the ingredients for eg. salt, haldi, cream, curd, garam masala, kasouri methi, jeera, butter, ghee, dhaniya powder etc. {Read More}

Raise Your Hands – Couple Party Game

Things Required A list of statement as given below How To Play The couple have to raise their hands after listening to a statement which the host has announced. The statements can be : The couple who can show me the most pictures of the two of them together, The couple  wearing the most gifts given to them by their spouse, The couple who had the shortest honeymoon, The couple who got  married on Sunday or on a national  holiday, {Read More}

8 Fun Games For Valentine Day

1.Valentine Message Make blank slips except one or two i.e. the winning messages.  Write some valentine message on that for eg. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Your home is blessed because of you!,  sugar is sweet and so are you, Happy Valentine Day etc.  Put these messages along with blank slips in the balloon filled with helium and attach a ribbon to the bottom of the balloons to make them easy to catch them. In the mid of the {Read More}

Fun With Numbers – Party Game

Things Required Display cards as described below How To Play Divide the players into two or more teams according to the no. of players. Make two (or as per no. of teams) sets of display cards of 15”x15” size consisting 10 cards in each set and write one digit on one card ie. from 0 to 9. Give one set to each team. Call out some set of nos. randomly  say 240, 768, 9850, 1397 i.e comprising of digits from {Read More}