10 Playing Cards Games For Diwali Theme Party

  1.Beads And Cards Keep black and red beads in two bowls. The player will shuffle the cards and start opening the cards.  The game is that the player has to keep red beads on diamond and heart cards and black beads on spade and club cards as per the no. The player who is able to complete maximum no. of cards wins. 2.Safety Pins And Cards Give a bowl of safety pins and one hanky each to a couple. {Read More}

King Queen & Jack Tambola – Tambola Game

Things Required Tambola board & tokens Tambola tickets Pen/pencil How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s ticket, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. The twist of the game is divide the ticket in 3 blocks i.e. first three columns ( no.1 to 30) middle three columns (31 to 60) and last three columns (61 {Read More}

Guess& Sketch The Object – Party Game

 Things Required A small bag full of some objects like ball, pencil, stapler, pen, an apple, a pack of biscuits etc.or according to the theme of the party Drawing sheet and pen for all the players How To Play Divide the players in pairs. Let them sit back to back. Give the bag to one player and drawing sheet  and pen to other. As the time starts, the player with the bag will take out one thing from the bag {Read More}

What’s The Number – Group Party Game

Things Required Three bowls Two dices How To Play Keep three bowls on the table. Decide any number for example 6. Bowl one will represent above 6 second will represent below 6 and third will represent 6 . Every player has to bid on the number and put a particular decided amount in the bowl. Take two dices and roll them. If the number comes above 6 then then the players who  bid for above 6 wins and gets double {Read More}

Arrange Your Cards – Playing Card Game

Things Required 3-4 pack of cards as per no. of players (13 cards each player) How To Play Take 3-4 pack of cards or  as per the no. of players. Shuffle the cards and give 13 cards to each player. Take a bowl  and keep it on the table in the center. Every player has to put some amount as fixed by the host in that bowl. Fix some winning amount on the following maximum  red cards, maximum black cards,  {Read More}

Bid On The Cards – Group Party Game

Things Required A pack of cards A bowl How To Play Take a bowl  and keep it on the table in the center. Every player has to put some amount as fixed by the host in that bowl. The host will show two cards for ex. Ace  and five. The game is that players have to bid some amount that the next card will be either  between these two cards or above. The host will shuffle the cards and throw {Read More}

Vodka Race – New Year Party Game

Things Required Bottle of Vodka Vodka glasses A spoon One tray How To Play Keep the bottle of vodka, six vodka  glasses,a spoon in the tray and give it to the player. As the time starts, the player has to fill the glasses with vodka by using a spoon. The first one to do so, should stand up and tap his or her glasses with spoon. The twist is that vodka should not be spilled in the tray otherwise he {Read More}

Masala Smiley – One Minute Party Game

Things Required 1 bowl filled with bangles 1 bowl filled with  black peppers 1 bowl filled with cinnamon sticks 1 bowl filled with dry red chillies How To Play Give the  above  four bowls to the player. The game is that players have to make smiley’s with these spices. For eg. keep the bangles as round face, put black peppers  as eyes then cinnamon stick as nose and slightly twist  the dry red chilli and use them as lips. Time {Read More}

Diwali Musical Chairs – Party Game

Things Required Chairs as per the number of players Music to play Make  small chits  and write the name of crackers on that chit for eg., anar, bijli bomb, time bomb, sparklers,chakras, rocket, hunter, ladis etc. How To Play Make a  circle of chairs with the backs of chairs towards inside of the circle. There should be one less chair than the number of players playing the game. Before starting the game, place one chit under each seat of the {Read More}

Taste The Dish – Party Game

Things Required One dish per player or family Name chits of all participants (one per family if whole family is participating) Pen/Pencil & Paper How To Play Since it is a potluck party, everybody has to bring a dish. Everybody will submit the list of ingredients used to make that dish to the host. Give one paper and pen/pencil to each player or family. Now each player has to pick a name chit and taste the dish made by the {Read More}