Fun With Riddles – One Minute Paper Game

Things Required Pen/pencil Photocopies of sheet with below fun riddles Name a fruit which tells the man to go? Name a table which you cannot eat? Name a fruit which in hindi means to build? Name the rain where we can sit? Name the gate through which you cannot enter? Name a non-living object which moves with its three hands and it is found in every house? I am a Vegetable, three letters in the name,take away two and I {Read More}

Rain Rain Go Away – One Minute Paper Game

Things Required Pen/pencil Photocopies of sheet with below rain game Rain rain go away come back another day ! Not going away No Problem, just fill in the blanks with one or two letters each and drive the rain way! _____rain I am something edible, _____rain I take you places, _____rain I am dirty but essential, _____rain I am force of influence that puts pressure, _____rain I am inside the head _____rain I cause an injury to a joint How {Read More}

Bollywood Equations – One Minute Paper Game

Things Required Pen/pencil Photocopies of sheet with below bollywood movie equations Ab tak __ + __ tha Tiger = __  __ Villain x Table no. __ = __  __ Patti + Do aur do __ = __ Coolie no. __ + Hero no. __ – Biwi no. __ = __ Chachi __ + __ Kaliyan = __ Woh __ din x __ dooni chaar = __ Taxi no. __ + K __ G = __ __ Idiots x __ States = {Read More}

Woman’s Day Tambola Game

Things Required Empty tambola tickets with 20 squares with 5 columns and 4 rows (hand made) Tambola board & tokens Paper and pencil How To Play Write WOMEN in first row, one letter in each square Given one tambola ticket to each player Ask all players to write any 15 numbers of their choice in their ticket Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number If the number exists on the player’s ticket, he/she has to strike it {Read More}

Malamaal Tambola – Party Game

Things Required Regular tambola tickets Tambola board & tokens Pen/pencil  How To Play Keep a prize money for each dividend like early 5, corners, rows, full house and a new dividend malamaal. Give one tambola ticket to each player Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. After every 5-6 numbers. {Read More}

Stand On Yellow – Musical Group Game

Things Required Pieces of different color construction paper Some music to play How To Play Scatter different colored pieces of construction paper along with yellow color on the floor. Play some music and tell everyone to dance. As the music stops, everyone has to step on the yellow paper. Those who are not able to step on yellow color paper are considered OUT. Yellow color papers should be less than the no. of players. Keep on playing the rounds till {Read More}

Make The Flags – Republic Day Game

Things Required Green, white and orange glaze papers Glue Scissors Straws Disposable cups How To Play Divide all the players in a group of 2-3 Put all the required things on a table Give one disposable cup to each team Each team gets a turn to make as many flags with given material as possible using straw as the flag pole Put each flag in the disposable cup If a flag is not put in the disposable cup, it will not be counted {Read More}

Drop The Popcorns – Lohri Party Game

Things Required A bowl full of popcorns An empty bowl How To Play Let the player  stand in front of the chair. Keep a bowl at the back of the chair on the ground. Give the bowl filled with pop corns  to the participant. As the time starts, the player has to  drop the popcorns one by one into the bowl over the chair. Time limit is one minute. Count the popcorns which have fallen inside the bowl.   Winner The {Read More}

Pin The Nose On Rudolph – Christmas Party Game

Things Required A big poster of  Rudolph Small red circles of paper Double sided tape or glue. A cloth to blind fold the players How To Play Fix the large poster of Rudolph on the wall. Give each participant the red circles with double sided tape or glue. Blindfold the player revolve him/her 3 times and ask to pin the nose on Rudolph. Winner The person who will be able to pin the nose properly or the closest on the Rudolph wins.

Christmas Housie – Christmas Party Game

Things Required Jumble up the items shown in the picture (exchange their positions) to make multiple tickets. Make sure no two tickets have these items in the same order or in same combination. Print these tickets and distribute to the participants. How To Play Make chits for each of the Christmas items printed on the tickets. Draw chits one by one and announce the item Participants will strike off the announced items from their tickets Prizes can be kept for {Read More}