Halloween Tambola – Halloween Party Game

Things Required Tambola tickets have to be made with different halloween characters as above One tambola ticket and pencil for each player One Sheet on which names of all halloween characters like mummy, full moon, bat, devil, pirate, clown, coffin, ghost, hunted house, vampire, skeleton, pumpkin, spider, witch, black cat, graveyard et., say about 35 names. 35 chits of names of halloween characters according to the list. One empty bowl 4-5 prizes How To Play Give one tambola  ticket and {Read More}

Balloon Battle With Mask – Halloween Party Game

Things Required Scary masks Black and orange color balloons How To Play Divide your guests into two teams and tie one black and an orange color balloon on the wrist of each member. Now give each member a mask to wear. Give sometime to each team so that they can get familiar with their team members masks. Both team members have to burst other team member’s balloons. Mask makes it difficult for member to identify their teammates. If a team {Read More}

Egyptian Mummy Bowling – Halloween Party Game

This game will be a new twist to an old one & your guests would not be able to stop themselves after seeing Egyptian Mummy Bowling set. It sure will be a fun game for the party. Things Required Bowling set White gauge bandages Scissors, glue Round shaped black buttons How To Play First of all you have to convert the plastic bowling pins into Egyptian Mummy Set. For that just wrap white gauge bandages around them and stick black {Read More}

What’s Your Story – Halloween Party Game

For the preparation of this game you need to look around and think which things can be used as a prop in making scary story. For example you can include – old cloths, candles, skeletons, printed bony parts, masks, red colour for fake blood, big knives, toy animal like wolf, owl, lion, black cat, loud speakers etc. There can be many more things in this category. This can be a great halloween party game idea for adults as well as {Read More}

Guess The Outline – Party Game

It is a guessing game and guests would surely enjoy playing it. This guess work would become more difficult if the party has people with similar built/body structure. The more the number of participants the more is the difficulty level of this game. Things Required    Papers/ Paper roll  Glue/double sided tape  Sketch pen/Marker How To Play Paste large paper roll using glue or tape on wall of a room. Divide your guests in two teams. Ask the Team ‘A’ to {Read More}

Egyptian Mummy – Halloween Party Game

This is one of the best games for a halloween party if your party has couples. Even if there are fewer couples in party you could make pair of two persons and play this fun game. You could put the posters of pyramids in the party area to create the aura of Egypt. Keep some bones/skeletons near the gaming arena to add more thrill into this. Things Required Cotton bandages or  toilet paper How To Play Ask your guests that {Read More}

Find The Killer – Halloween Party Game

Required Things Paper chits Alert mind and wide open eyes 😉 How To Play Ask the guests to sit in a circle Make some paper chits and write ‘Pass’ in them except one. Write ‘Killer’ in one chit. Shuffle them properly and then ask guests to pick one chit only. Guests who get the ‘Pass’ chit need not to do anything but the one who get ‘ Killer’ chit need to kill one person in the circle. The ‘Killer’ has {Read More}

Match The Bats – Halloween Party Game

Things Required Get the printouts of bats. How To Play Cut the printout of bat into half. Write the words either with the same meaning or opposite meaning on both halves like front/back, win/lose,soft/hard,rich/poor,big/large,buy/purchase etc. Mix all the halves and put it on the table upside down Player has to find the matching halves of the heart such that words make the intended pair. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who is able to match the maximum bats {Read More}

Pin The Tail On Black Cat – Halloween Party Game

It’s a lovely game for Halloween party as there will be no one who would not enjoy it. Hooting, guiding and misguiding each other will increase the fun of this game. Let’s play and have fun 🙂 Things Required A big picture of Black cat without tail pasted on a poster. Printed tails. Double sided tape or glue. Band to close the eyes. How To Play Fix the large poster of black cat in your party hall. Give each guest {Read More}

Mr. Skeleton Race- Halloween Party Game

It’s a very interesting Halloween party game for kids as well as for adults. Preparations are very easy for this game but it will be a lot of fun playing this game with your family and friends. Check it out 🙂 Things Required Printed papers or thermocol Glue 2 large bowls 2 Poster Boards and double sided tape How To Play Before the party create each part of skeleton using printing papers or thermocol. Divide your guests in two teams {Read More}