5 Fun Games For National Days – Party Games

1.Match The National Dates Write some national important dates and the events which the nation holds every year on that day in jumbled way on a paper for ex. National Navy day – 4th December,  National Airforce day -8th October, Teacher’s day – 5th September, National Sports Day 29th August, National Farmers day – 23rd December, National Girl Child Day – 9th December etc.   Give one sheet to everyone.  They have to match the dates with correct event in one {Read More}

Fun Activities For Independence Day

  Independence Day is celebrated every year on 15th August with great pomp and show. Flag hoisting ceremonies and many cultural programs are organized which children love to watch them and participate in them. Colorful kites fill the sky in the evening, to symbolize freedom, some of kites are in the color of the National Flag. You will also find balloons of saffron, white and green colors in the sky. Following are some of the fun activities which we can {Read More}

8 Games For Independence Day

1. Tiranga Tambola An innovative tambola game for republic day. Check out tiranga tambola… 2. Hoist The Flag An interesting game in which players have to find all the items and hoist the flag in minimum time. Check out hoist the flag… 3. Treasure Hunt A one minute party game in which players have to find various things related to independence day in minimum time. Check out treasure hunt… 4. Identify The Movie A one minute party game in which {Read More}

National Crossword – One Minute Game

Things Required Take printout of above image as per the number of participants. Pen/pencil for every participant How To Play Give one print out to each participant. They have to find maximum words related to India in crossword. Time limit is one minute. Correct words are as below:  

15 Jhatpat Game Ideas For Kids

1. For up to 6 years kids, you can arrange simple race or ask them to sing as many nursery rhymes as possible. 2. For 7-10 year kids, you can arrange simple race (200m, 400m) or frog race. 3. For 11-15 year kids, three legged race or sack race can be organized. 4. You can play musical chair with adults as well as kids 5. Arrange a race in which players have to hold the ball between their knees and {Read More}

I Love My India – Party Game

Things Required Write below some questions on a paper related to National things of India  and get it photocopied as per the number of players. Pen/pencil for every participant National Flag National currency National flag colors National tree National fruit National bird National animal National sport National anthem National river National days National flower National song National emblem National Calender How To Play  Give one question paper and pen to each participant Time limit is one minute. Correct Answers are {Read More}

Tiranga Tambola – Republic Day Game

Things Required Print out of the below image as per the number of participant Write numbers randomly in each of the circles with a pen as on a tambola ticket as above. Tambola boards and tokens. How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. Instead of keeping early {Read More}

Hoist The Flag – Republic Day Game

Things Required  Two Flag poles Two Indian National Flags Two Flag stands Two 10 meter haylards (flag rope) Two bags of flower petals  How To Play Divide the participants into two teams Hide the above items in the party area and ask the teams to search for the items. Both teams should find all the five items before starting the hoisting activity. Start with attaching the pole to the stand and putting the haylard over the top pulley of the {Read More}

Republic Day Crossword Puzzle

Things Required Take printouts of the below image as per the no. of participants Pen/pencil for all the participants How To Play Give one printout to each participant. Now, each participant has to figure out below 15 words related to Republic Day 1) Bravery Awards, 2) Tableaus, 3) Rajpath, 4) School children, 5) Vijay chowk, 6) Flag, 7) Helicopter, 8) Folk Dance, 9) Prade, 10) India Gate, aa) Balloons , 12) Flypast, 13) Marchpast, 14) Janaganamana You can tell the {Read More}

Republic Day Treasure Hunt – Republic Day Game

Things Required A list of 12-15 items for eg.toy tanks, small guns, aeroplane models, small tricolor flags, medals (which children get from their schools), drawing colors, toy soldiers, postage stamps with flag,card posters of freedom fighters etc. Make photocopies of this list and give to everyone. One plastic bag for each player. How To Play Place these things in such way they can be seen without moving anything but probably not noticed without close observation in the specified area. As {Read More}