Krishna Bhajan Leela – Janamasthmi Game

Things Required Small chits of papers 1 empty bowl How To Play Write first line of any 3  Krishna bhajans on a paper for eg. Shyam tumse milne ka satsang hi bahana hai, Jag mei sunder hai do naam chahe Krishna kaho ya Ram, Kabhi Ram banke kabhi Shayam banke chal aana pabhu jee etc. Take few sheets of paper and cut them into small chits and now write  one word on each chit i.e.Shyam on one chit, tumse on {Read More}

Musical Radha Krishna – Janamasthmi Game

Things Required Write the pair of words on paper related to Janamasthmi for ex. Makhan chor, Laddo Gopal,Mathura Vrindavan,Shayam Sunder,Radha Krishna,Ras leela,Gopi Gawal,Basauri Morpankh,Deevke Vasudev,Yashoda Nandbaba,Murli Manohar,Krishan Sudama,Dahi Handi,Madhu Sudan,Goverdhan Parbhat,Banke Bihari  etc. Two bowls One flute How To Play  Write the above names on  paper chits for ex. Radha one one chit and Shayam on another chit. Fold them and put one set of chits in one bowl and the related set of chits in another bowl. Let everyone {Read More}

12 Games For Janamasthmi Celebrations

Lord Krishna or Ladoo Gopal is described as naughty and playful but very sweet and loving for his activities like stealing butter, running after gopis, for his melodious flute, fighting for justice etc.  We celebrate the birth of Lodoo Gopal on Janam asthami.  All the temples are decorated and many cultural programmes are organized to depict the life of Lord Krishna.  We can also celebrate this festival by playing below fun games on Janmashtmi. 1. Krishna’s Crown Making Competition Give {Read More}

Chocolate Handi Competition – Janamasthmi Party Game

Things Required Two 10 feet high poles A rope decorated with flowers 4-5  Handi (Clay Pots)filled either chocolates or some gifts instead of buttermilk. 5 ft. long wooden stick How To Play Fix the two poles say 15 feet apart. Tie a rope decorated with flowers between the two poles. Hang a decorated clay pot in the center of the rope filled with some chocolates or gifts. Mark a starting point say 10 feet from the poles. Blindfold the player {Read More}

Laddo Gopal Tambola – Kids Janmashtmi Game

  Things Required Paper and pencil for each player One Sheet containing 35 names  related to Janmashtmi like Vasudev, Rasleela, Vrindavan, Balram, Dwarka, Radha, Gopi, Kanha, Iskcon, Gopal, Devki, Yashoda, Mathura, Mandir, Flute, Kans, Bhagavad  Gita, Flowers, Peacock, Morepank, Makhan, Dahi handi, Mukut, Yamuna, Gokul, Misri, Nandbaba, Jhula,  Prasad, Dhoti, Cow, tilak, Govardhan etc, . 35 chits  of names  according to the list. One empty bowl 4-5 prizes which can be a flute, Mukut (crown) How To Play Give paper {Read More}

Know Your Lord Krishna – Janamashtmi Quiz

Things Required Janamashtmi quiz based on Lord Krishna’s life which are as follows : Lord Krishna is the avatar of which God? Where Lord Krishna spent his childhood? What was Lord Krishna’s brother name ? Name the dance which Lord Krishna used to play with the gopi’s of Vrindavan? Why do we celebrate Janamashtmi? Who was the actual mother of Lord Krishna? Name the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna who was slain by God? Who was Lord Krishna favorite brother {Read More}

Flute Tambola – Janmashtmi Speical Tambola Game

Things Required Take print outs of below image as per the number of participants. Write down 15 numbers in each ticket, 5 in each flute (row). Tambola boards and tokens. How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. When all the numbers are cut in a particular flute {Read More}