Rose Queen – Karva Chauth Party Game

Things Required Lots of Roses (at least 5 per participant) How To Play The  host will ask some ice breaking question for example The lady with green purse The one who is wearing 3 stones in one ring The one who is wearing red sandal The one who is wearing two earrings The one who is having two hankies The one who is having 3 ten rupee coins etc. For every correct answer the lady will be given a red {Read More}

Flaunt Your Nails – Karva Chauth Party Game

Things Required Nail polish remover Nail polish of different colors Cotton Nail art stickers How To Play Divide all players in a team of two. Now both the players of each team have to put the nail paint on other player’s nails and use nail art stickers creatively. Time limit is 5 minutes. Winner Host will decide the winning team based on the best & most creative nail art.

Stars & Moons – Karva Chauth Party Game

Things Required Cardboard Sheets One sieve filled with rice An empty bowl How To Play Make small cut outs of stars and moon using cardboard sheets. Put these cut outs in the rice filled sieve and mix them with rice. Each player has to pick maximum moons from the sieve and put them in empty bowl. Player will be considered out if he/she put any star in the bowl by mistake. Time limit is one minute. Winner Whoever collects maximum {Read More}

Score Your Style – Karva Chauth Party Game

Things Required A list as below to score the points 5 marks if the hair is tied and 3 marks if not tied. 5 marks for small earrings and 3 marks for long earrings, 5 marks if the color of the dress is red, green and pink and 3 marks for any other color, 5 marks for wearing a nose pin and 3 marks for not wearing a nose pin, 5 marks for the nail paint that matches the dress {Read More}

Mehandi Mehandi – Karva Chauth Party Game

Things Required Mehandi cones as per the number of players White sheets How To Play Give one mehandi cone and white sheet to each player. Ask them to write “Happy Karva Chauth” using mehandi cone on the given white paper. Winner Host can decide the winner based on the time taken and how neat it is written.

Musical Karva Chauth Party Game

Things Required Cartridge sheets of Red & Green color (You can use cardboard sheets or any thick paper) Rocking music How To Play Make round or square cut outs of cartridge sheets as per the number of players large enough so that a player can stand on it. Now keep these cut outs forming a big circle as shown in the image above. Ask all the players to stand on the cut outs i.e. one player on each cut out. {Read More}

Change The Jewellery – Karva Chauth Party Game

Things required 3-4 sets of imitation jewellery consisting of ear rings, neckless, mangtikka and 12 glass bangles How To Play Players can play this game according to the number of  sets at a time. The game is that they have to take off the jewellery which they are wearing and have to wear the imitation jewellery given to them in minimum time. Winner The player who is able to do this in the shortest possible time is the winner.

Find The Ring – Karva Chauth Party Game

This game can be played on any occasion between the couples. On Karva Chauth this game can be played after the pooja between the couples while waiting  for the moon to come. This is a traditional game which every couple plays during their marriage ceremonies. Things Required A large dish/pot or parat filled with water 1/2 cup milk Some rose petals 3-4 coins One Ring How To Play. Mix milk in water in a large dish/pot or parat alongwith some {Read More}

Bindi Tambola – Tambola Game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Shashi Nigam. Thanks to Shashi for sharing such a wonderful game with us. Things Required 2  Tambola Boards 40-45 Bindi’s How To Play Stick 45 Bindi’s randomly on any numbers on a Tambola board. Ask the participants to pass the board with the bindis around one by one Caller will call the numbers & if the bindi is stuck on the number called, the person with the board will take out the bindi {Read More}

Shaadi Tambola Game

Things Required Tambola boards & tokens. Pen/Pencil Take printout of below tambola ticket as per the number of participants & write 14 random numbers. How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s ticket,  he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. All the numbers  in Sagai section are cut, players have to say ‘Aaj Hai Sagaai Sun {Read More}