Identify My Childhood – Childhood Party Game


Things Required Childhood photograph of the guests A board How To Play While organizing a childhood party request your guests to bring a childhood photo. Let the organizer collect the photos and put it on a board with a number. Give one sheet to everybody to identify the childhood picture and write the name against each no. Time limit is one minute Winner The player who writes the maximum correct answers wins!!

Chor Police – Childhood Party Game

chor police

Things Required  Small blank slips of paper as per the no. of players One slip with Chor and one slip with Police written on it. How To Play  Make small slips as per the no. of players. Write Chor on one slip and Police on another slip. Leave rest of the slips blank.  Put all the slips in a bowl. Everybody should take one slip from the bowl. Each player will open,see the chit and close the chit again . {Read More}

Abbreviations Funda – Party Game


Things Required Take a print out of the following  list of words as per the no. of players. NEWSPAPER CHESS COLD JOKE  DATE NASA TEA WWF COMPUTER ATM FMCG LOL NGO MMS PSU How To Play Give one printout and pen to the players We use these words many times but their full form or meaning many of us don’t know Let them write the full forms Time limit is two minutes The answers are 1.North East West South Past {Read More}

Balloon Hunt – Group Party Game


Things Required Different colored balloons (15 each color) One big white balloon filled with candies How To Play Blow balloons of different color (15 each color) and hide them in the party area One big white balloon filled with candies Divide the players into teams of 5-6 Assign one color to each team As the time starts, each team will collect the balloons of that particular color which has been assigned to them and the white balloon also The teams {Read More}

Jumbled Snake & Ladder – Party Game


Things Required A blank print out of Snake & Ladder game as shown below How To Play Take a blank print out of snakes and ladder game as above. Fill the nos. from 1 to 100 but in jumbled way. Play the game as you play snake and ladder game i.e each player will put their counter on the starting point. Roll the dice and as per the no. the player has to move their counters. If the counter lands {Read More}

Chocolate Race – Party Game


Things Required One dice 4 chocolates each for the players How To Play All the player will sit in a circle. Give 4 chocolates to each player. One of players can roll the dice. The game is  if the player gets any no. from 1-5 for eg. 4 than the player sitting fourth from left has to eat one of the chocolates. If the no. 6 than the player has to eat one of his own chocolate. The players who {Read More}

Confusing Race – Group Party Game


Things Required Some music to play How To Play Let all the players stand in a line in the middle of the party hall As the music stops, the host will announce the names either of the fruits or of vegetables. The game is when the host will say any fruit name everybody has to run towards left side of the hall and when he says the name of any vegetable everybody has to run towards the right side of {Read More}

Guess The Candy Flavor – Party Game


Things Required Some music to play A bag full of candies of different flavors How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle The game is that the player has to take one candy from the bag and guess the flavor. If he guesses correct he can continue with the game and if he is incorrect he is OUT of the game Next player will take out the candy and guess the flavor and so on. Winner The {Read More}

Broadcast The Message – Group Party Game


Things Required Some music to play How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle. One player can think of a message or phrase which he has to whisper to the next player. That player has to pass that phrase to the next player. The message continues to be whispered till it reaches the last player who will call in turn will announce the message he has received. The fun part of this game is  that the final {Read More}

Lion In The Cage – Group Party Game

group party game

Things Required Some music to play How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle around the bonefire. The game is you have to put lions in the cage by saying “One lion with two eyes and four legs roar in the cage”. First player can start the game by saying ‘One lion’, second player will say ‘with two eyes’ third player will say ‘four legs’  fourth player will say ‘roar’ fifth player will say ‘in the cage’ {Read More}