Peel The Peanuts – One Minute Party Game

Things Required Pair of gloves Lots of peanuts in a bowl How To Play Ask each player to wear pair of gloves one by one. Now he/she has to peel off the peanuts. Time limit is one minute. Winner Whoever peels off maximum peanuts in one minute will be the winner.

Grab The Lohri Sweets – Lohri Party Game

Things Required A bag full of lohri sweets for eg. popcorn, revri, moongphali, some pieces of chikki An empty bowl  How To Play Every participant has to put their hands in the bag and bring out a handful of lohri sweets and put it in the bowl. Count them and assign marks say 5 marks for popcorn, 10 for revri, 15 for moongphali and 20 for chikki Winner The participants who scores the maximum is the winner .

Popcorn With Chopsticks – Lohri Party Game

Things Required One bowl filled with popcorn One pair of Chopsticks One empty Bowl How To Play Each player will have to  pick popcorn with the help of chopsticks and transfer to the empty bowl. Time limit is one minute. Winner Player with maximum number of  popcorns in the bowl wins!!.

Save The Popcorn – Lohri Party Game

Things Required One large bowl filled with popcorn, revri, moongphali Two  empty small bowls How To Play Fill 3/4 bowl with  popcorn, revri, and moonphali. Each player will get one minute to pick revri and moongphali from the bowl and put them separately into the empty bowls,keeping in mind that popcorn should not fall outside the bowl. 10 points will be credited for each revri, 5 points will be credited for each moongphali. 5 points will be deducted for each {Read More}

Eat & Celebrate – Lohri Party Game

Things Required One  brown paper bag  per player containing lohri sweet items like moongphali, popcorn, revari, gajak  etc. How To Play Lohri brings together family, relatives and friends. People meet each other, dance, eat lohri sweets near the bonefire to celebrate Lohri Keep all the paper bags on the table. As the time starts, everybody has to run towards the table, grab one bag, open it and start eating. Winner The one who finishes eating the sweets at the earliest {Read More}

Popcorn Relay Race – Lohri Party Game

Things Required Paper plates as per number of participants. A basket full of popcorn An empty bowl How To Play Divide the participants into groups of 4-5. Mark a starting line and a finishing line say 20 feet apart. Give one paper plate full of popcorn each to the participants of one group. As the time starts, they have to run towards the finishing with the plate full of popcorn on their head holding with only one hand. They have {Read More}

Blow The Popcorn – Lohri Party Game

Things Required A bowl full of Popcorn One Table Drinking Straws How To Play Give a bowl of popcorn to all the participants. The participant has to keep minimum ten popcorns on the edge of the table on one side. As the time starts, the participant has to blow the popcorns with the help of drinking straw towards the other edge of the table keeping in mind the popcorns  should not fall down. Only those popcorns which have touched the {Read More}

Lohri Puzzle – Lohri Party Game

Things Required Take printouts of the below image as per the no. of participants Pen/pencil for all the participants How To Play Give one printout to each participant. Now, each participant has to figure out below 15 words related to Lohri festival 1) Dhol 2) Gachak 3) Bhangra 4) Til 5) Punjab 6) Giddha 7) Gur 8) Lohri 9) Prahlad 10) Holika 11) Festival 12) Popcorn 13) Revri 14) Dullabhatti 15) Phuliya You can above words to participants in advance {Read More}

Sankranti Quiz – Lohri Party Game

Things Required Printouts of below mix & match table, as per the number of participants Pen/pencil for every participant. How To Play Sankranti is celebrated all over India  by different names and celebrated with different customs in different parts of the country. Give one printout and pen/pencil to each participant. Each participant has to match  the name with the state in second column. Time limit is one minute. 1. Makar sankranti Tamil Nadu 2.Uttarayan Punjab 3.Maghi Andhra Pradesh 4.Lohri Bihar, {Read More}

Makar Sankranti Greetings – Lohri Party Game

Thing Required A pack of sketch pens as per the number of participants Chart Paper How To Play  Give one chart paper(10″x10″) and  a pack of sketch pens to each participant The participants have to make a greeeting card with the following message  ‘Meethe Gud me mil gaya Til, Udi Patang aur khil gaye DIL, Jeevan me bani rahe Sukh aur Shanti, Mubarak  ho apko MAKAR-SANKRANTI/Lohri’ The participant can draw with their own creativity on rest of the chart paper. {Read More}