12 Games For Navratri Theme Party

  1.Navratri Decoration Competition A group party game for navratri in which players have to decorate the given area in given time. Click here to read more about Navratri Decoration Competition.. 2.Navratri Prasad Players have to separate the Panchmeva prasad.distributed during Navratri  according to the chit and put them in the bowl.Click here to read more about Navratri Prasad 3.Navratri Theme Tambola  A innovation tambola game  to be played during navratri festival. Click here to read more about Navratri Theme Tambola {Read More}

5 Dandiya & Garba Navratri Party Games

Navratri the best time to throw a Navratri party for your kids and friends. It has been celebrated in different ways in various parts of India and abroad with devotional songs, bhajans and cultural programs.  Garba is performed by placing a decorative pot with  lighted diya inside People stay awake the whole night during the nine days of Navratri and play Dandiya and Garba.We can also celebrate this festival by playing some of the  following games : 1.Dandiya Masti One minute party {Read More}

Navdurga Passing The Parcel – Party Game

Things Required Slips from 1 to 100 One Bowl Some music How To Play Make slips from No 1 to 100 and put them in the bowl. Since this game is to be played during Navratri so No. 9 is very important because we worship nine forms of Durga All the players should sit in a circle. The game is to be played just like passing the parcel. Put on some music and start passing the bowl. As the music {Read More}

Maa Durga Tambola – Navratri Game

Things Required Tambola board & tokens Pen/pencil How To Play Give one tambola ticket to each players. Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number.. If that number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. For early 5 players have to say ‘Reached Katra” For corners players have to say ‘Started yatra from Darshani Darwazza’ For top row players have to {Read More}

Navratri Theme Tambola – Navratri Game

Things required Paper and pencil for each player One Sheet  containing  108 names of Maa Durga for ex. Sati, Saadhvi, Ratnapriya, Lakshmi,  Bhavani, Arya, Durga, Jaya etc. 108 chits with Maa Durga names on it. One empty bowl How To Play Give paper and pencil to everyone with  30 small empty squares in them just like bingo ticket. Let everyone write any 15 names of Maa Durga of their choice in the chit(5 in each line)and keep the remaining squares {Read More}

Navratri Prasad – Party Game

Things Required Panch Meva Prasad which is distributed during Navratri  i.e. makhane, almonds(badam), cashew nuts (kaju), small pieces of dry coconut and raisins One empty bowl How To Play Mix all the panchmeva prasad in a big bowl. Make small chits of panchmeva and put them in a bowl. The game is that the player has to take out one chit. As per the chit,  players have to separate that particular thing  from that big bowl for ex. if the {Read More}

Navratri Decoration Competition

Things Required Durga Maa Idol kept on the table Pack of candles Five diyas with ghee batti and match box Five flower garlands with loose flowers Kalash and nariyal Aarti Thali Some rangoli colors 2-3 Red Chunnis How To Play Divide the players into groups. Place one Durga Maa Idol on the table. The game is each group has to decorate the table and aarti thali for puja using the above things. The prizes can be given for best table {Read More}

Dandiya Tambola – Navratri Game

Things Required Tambola board & tokens Printouts of below Tambola ticket Pen/pencil How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s ticket, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. The prizes can be claimed as follows : If the numbers written on the the female dress are cut,  players have to say ‘I am Danidya Queen’ If {Read More}

Garba Dance Competition

Things Required Rocking DJ with Dandiya and Garba Songs How To Play Let all the guests come for the party in their best of danida and garba dressess As the music starts, everybody has to dance. Choose one or two judges from the guests who will judge the following Dandiya Queen Dandiya King Best Female Dancer Best Male Dancer Best Child Dancer Best Dressed Male Best Dressed Female Best Dressed Child You can also keep small gifts for all the {Read More}

Dress Up Durga Maa – Navratri Party Game

Things Required Bindi, mangtikka, nath, haar, karn phool, trishul ,mehandi,chooridya, bajubandh,kamarbandh, payal, phul mala, red chuuni etc. 5 each or as per the number of groups. How To Play Divide players into groups of 5 ladies. Each group will select one of their group member to be dressed up as Durga Maa. The group members will collect the required  things for dressing up as per their choice. Time limit is five minutes. Winner The group whose Durga Maa is dressed {Read More}